Colors in your shower from Beddinginn!!!!!

Magic Strong Water 7 Colors Led Light Shower Heads

 Shower is always on of my favorite times of the day… it’s just the greatest time to relax, to remove any negative feelings and to organise your next steps! It’s the time where you can just enjoy the aroma in the place and to listen a soft music! Now imagine you have also amazing colors around you…and the picture is complete! Because, this can happen you know… with a color changing shower head!!!! Amazing right???

7 Colors Changing LED Contemporary Shower Faucet Head of 8 inch

 Really it's just the perfect idea to add a color in your bath or even a rainbow. Because these led shower head are available in monochrome or multicolor or even there are heads that are changing colors according to temperature or the pressure of the water!! I know... I love the last idea! 

Circular LED Shower Head Faucet Changing Color by Temperature

Pressure Boost LED Seven Colors Shower Head Faucet

12 Inches LED Big Rainfall Shower Head faucet Hydro Power

And they are so pretty! Minimal, modern and elegant at the same time, just a perfect detail in our bath! Actually I cannot choose which one is my favorite... really what is yours??? Just visit Beddinginn and admire the whole collection of the colored shower heads!

Happy Shopping!!!!

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  1. Μια γνωστη μου εχει βάλει... λιγο ακριβουλι ομως!

    1. ε ναι... ειναι όταν έχεις λυσει όλα τα υπολοιπα και απλά θέλεις μια τσαχπινια στο μπανιο σου :)

  2. Real disco feeling :) Should go for it!

  3. αχα! φοβερη ιδεα!

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