Liebster Award

My friend, Dori nominated me for the Liebster Award. The general idea is that bloggers nominate their favourite blogs for this award. Nominees need to be "small" blogs, with no more than 200 followers. The rules are simple: you need to list 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you, write your own 11 questions and then nominate 11 bloggers to spread the love.

My first impression for this was, "what a great idea"! But then I read the rules and my second thought was.. Dori I will kill you! 11?

I forgot the whole thing for about 5days, but now I have decided to participate. Why? Because Dori is away from Greece so it is impossible to reach her!!!! Also because there are many small blogs in my list that I love to follow. It is a great opportunity to “advertise” their work and at the same time I have the chance to meet more bloggers! So finally, I am really excited about this Award!

So let's get started.


11 Facts About Me

1. Hmm.. facts about me? Ok! I am really an orderly person. So orderly that my friends call me “Monica” from the TV serial “Friends”! I do not want my home to be messy and most of all I hate when my hubby changes the place of items in the house. Imagine that when I visit my mother in Crete I am furious when I realize that she changed the place of my books or my dolls. Wow, I am a maniac!

2. I love to eat and I do not mean to eat all the time! But I do enjoy having a glass of wine and food with my friends, laughing and having fun.

3. For my 3rd fact I copy Dori’s thoughts: I also think a lot, and my thoughts tend to never come alone but bring their friends with them to party in my head. It usually quickly escalates into drunken revelry... I do think even when I am sleepy, that’s why almost every morning I wake up and I am still tired!!!

4. I like travelling around! I did it very often a couple of years ago, but now that I am a mother is not that easy as it was! So far I have visited a couple of countries in Europe but mostly I like discovering Greece first. I love my country, because you can easily have vacations in an island or climbing the mountains. Vacations for every mood.

5. I do not have many friends. I have a few that are lifetime friends! I love them all and it is amazing that are still near me and love me even thought I had fights with them in the past. But isn't it great to have friends that really know you?

6. Totally agree with Dori on that: I also like to listen, and sometimes I can be unusually quiet. I am also a good listener. But when I give advice… well I tell the truth and that hurts sometimes :/

7. I am a mother of a wonderful 2year old girl and this is the most beautiful achievement in my life! It is really amazing how your life can change with motherhood. But it is also incredible how my mood can change when she hugs me and kisses me. Just amazing!

8. I have a bear near my bed, a great gift from my best friend when I was about 15years old! Ok.. weird, but since then I like having this bear near my bed! I am a lady with the heart of a young girl!

9. I used to keep a diary. I was writing down every though, feeling, dream, wish, anything common and unusual at the same time. I am romantic person, what can I say? But now, after all this years it is really great that I can still remember how I used to feel!

10. I speak too loud and too fast! Hahaha, I am a lady from Crete, what can I say? We all speak quite fast and sometimes even my hubby cannot understand me!

11. I easily get overexcited by a thought or a wish. The “bad” thing is that I want to share it with everyone immediately, even if they are not interested at all or even if they are sleeping!


11 Questions from Dori!

1. How do you get on with your neighbours (if you have any)?

I have a few and our relationship is great! They put up with my loud talking or my daughter’s playing (she also get overexcited and makes such a fuss sometimes). Well actually I am baking cookies on Christmas for them so they adore me again :)

2. Favourite color and why (if you have a reason)?

Well I have plenty of favorites colors, depending on the season. Currently I wear a lot of grey and smoky pink! But in the summer I love blue (the sea colour ) and white! Bright colors to cheer me up!

3. Do you need glasses?

Just for the sun !!!! :)

4. How organized are you?

Very when I want to be! I am Monica… remember?

5. Big group of people or a few very close friends?

Few and very closed friends! Dori why I get the feeling that you have read my mind with your questions? This is mentioned in one of my facts!!!

6. Your favorite language (doesn't matter whether you speak it or not)

Italian!!!! I love them!!! It is like listening to music!!!

7. Do you think sewing is a feminine craft/occupation?

Hmm I am not sure if I understand this question correctly, but I will answer with a question.. Do you think basketball is only for men?

8. Half full, half empty? Or?

Half full! Or at least I am trying to.

9. Do you easily start things or easily finish things? Especially art or craft related things and projects.

I can easily start things as I can easily finish things if and only I am in the correct mood!

10. Coffee or tea?

Huge fun of coffee!!!! I even have a cup cozy!!!

11. Do you know any dances? Can you dance them?

Ofc I do. I can dance all the traditional dances of Crete and many from the rest of Greece. I am a fast learner, so just show me the steps for any dance! I love dancing  :)


My Questions:
1. Romantic or realist?

2. Your favorite color is? And why?

3. Mountain or island?

4. Your favorite film movie

5. What was the most spontaneous think you have ever done?

6. Do you like travelling?

7. Chocolate or cream?

8. Tell us one of your dreams!

9. Is your best friend a man or a woman?

10. Do you consider yourself as optimist?

11. Just tell me a lie!!!!


My nominees are:

Have a great time! Thanks a lot Dori :)


  1. zina!
    it's my first time taking an award!
    thank you dear!

    soon with the facts & answers!


  2. Wow, thank you so much for this award :) I will try to do a post asap! xoxo

  3. Monica, loved every word of it! You really are a very exuberant Southern lady ;).

    And I love your questions, too :)

    As for the sewing question: I kinda asked that because we really tend to associate most crafts, especially needlework with women. But I love it when men knit for instance (and traidtionally it was, and I think many other needlework crafts were, men's occupation). As for basketball - I think most people are totally okay with female basketball players, but most of them will still freak out by a man knitter ;)



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