Please let me introduce you... Akamatra!

I do consider myself lucky since I had the chance to meet my new "etsy" friend Akamatra or as her real name is, Maro. Not only she is one of my favorite crafters but she is also an amazing girl with a golden heart!

The past month I had the chance to participate to a small group of Greek crafters that created some gifts for kids in a school in Athens that would not be getting any gifts this Christmas.  Unfortunately poverty is growing here in Greece and as firstly Maro thought (she organized it) with small gifts we could make these kids smile again, at least for a while! What a great gesture of her and from all the ladies in the group!

Maro is a young lady about my age (I am young too... no comments plz...), but with a heart and emotions of a young girl, that's why most of her creations are bows,flowers hair accessories,  hand emproidered necklaces and bracelets and many more!  Her last creations are Crochet Cup Cozies (she made me one as a gift in green khaki color... amazing one!) !!!

It is better to let her speak... or write...

From her About Etsy Page:

"You can blame my parents for everything you see here. 
Everything you see in my little shop is hand crafted by my in my cozy little corner. This is the way I express the urge for creating, altering, recycling or transforming something into something else.
I had fun making every single item, I sure hope you'll have the time of your life wearing them!" 

From her "mini interview" as featured seller in EtsyGreekStreetTeam:

"What are your favourite materials?
Definitely small glass seed beads. I guess for many jewelry makers they are considered to be a bit of a minor material but I cannot stop the urge to use them and no matter what I make, I always revisit those beads.
I love leather’s versatility but I haven’t tried to list a leather item in my shop, yet. I don’t discard any material, I am fond of pearls, hand rolled paper beads, crystals and corals, semiprecious stones, as well as peddles.

Why should somebody buy handmade?
For the same reason you return to your mothers’ house to eat a home cooked meal! Because it’s so much better than anything machine made! Because even if you make the same thing twice it will never be exactly the same and will remain unique! Because it contains the positive energy and the love of the person who made it! Because when you buy handmade you buy a little piece of uniqueness.  

In 10 years time...
My first’s interview ten years anniversary will be up and I hope we are all going to be healthy in order to read it again this time from my new house in Paris (!)."

Meet her at her etsy shop or at her blog  or even at her facebook page!!! 

Hope you will enjoy her job as I do!!!


  1. You make me blush! Thank you for your kind words! I love making new friends! xoxoxo


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