Happy Birthday EGST!!!!! -- HUGE Giveaway!!!!


February is a great month since it is the 4th universary of the EtsyGreekStreatTeam, a team that I  joined when I opened my shop on etsy.

When I first join EGST I didn't know what to expect from the rest of the sellers but I found out quickly enough that in this team there were amazing people who can easily become your friends. I am part of EGST the past 6 months I think (wow time goes by so fast...) and so far I had great moments and memories. I met people that I feel that I could count on them for my shop, I received great help from all of them, I got dissapointed many times, I laughed while I was chatting with them, I had great discussions with many of them and of course I also had pointless discussions with many of them (ha... a great smile in my face just appeared...).  

And because I hate knowing people from internet and not knowing them in real life, we managed to had also great times in real life like joining a coffee, talking to telephone, receiving and giving birthday gifts. 

Yesterday I read Maro's post "Team Work" in her blog about this team, a great post, that describes everything in this team. I cannot write very well us she did, but I feel the same simple things. 

I like this team because it is like any team in real life with great friends. I feel very lucky because I can surelly say that I have many more friends... a bow lady, a mini food lady, a macrame lady, a cord lady and many many more... thank you all :)

So the good news is that there is a HUGE GIVEAWAY in egst blog that anyone can join!!!!

and you can win many gifts like these....

Just give it a try. Click in the link and leave a wish/comment to egst blog and then if you want to get more entries just use rafflecoopters and share your love...
Have a great fun and GOOD LUCK!!!!


  1. many many kisses Zinaki!!!!

  2. The bow lady sends her kisses and a big smile your way! Just believe in yourself and the rest will follow!!! You are a great part of the team and one of my personaly favs!!!! Smouts

    1. *personal

      see, I don't write as good as you think ;)

    2. hahaha...ofc you are greater writer than me...we can discuss it in person! :)

      mats mouts

  3. Such a cool post Zhna! congrats to all egst members for the huge giveaway! It feels great to be part of this team, doesn't it!?

    1. indeed Eleanna, it is a great feeling, and I am also glad that I met you :)


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