DIY - Handmade Hair Clips with Buttons

Hello my friends!

Last weekend I did a cleanup in my daughter’s drawers and I found too many hairclips and elastic accessories damaged, without the decorative charms or with color missing. I think this is something very common. Why go through them away? Just check below an easy way to “refresh” them and made them look like new again.

So first of all I had to find how to decorate them and I searched for common materials. And guess what I found…buttons! Haha funny ? Buttons, cords, small wooden beads from old accessories and an ivory satin ribbon that I use for packaging gifts. Great stuff indeed. I needed also a scissor and of course hot glue.

Now with all these stuff just use your imagination and create different charms and embellishments. I created a few... stacked buttons and glitter glow on them, a small bow from the satin ribbon and a margarita button stichted on it, a big neon green button and wooden beads tied with hot pink cord, a round button stacked with a heart one and a round button with a yellow margarita pattern stiched on a small piece of the satin ribbon. I am sure you can create even more beautiful designs!

When the embellishments are ready the only thing left is to stuck them with hot glow on the hair clips or tie them on the ponytail elastic or even stichc them.

The result was really beautiful and my daughter loved them!

Hope you enjoy it!!!  Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. great ideas!!
    i'll try them for my little niece,or for me! why not?
    Thank you Zina!

  2. They look darling! I am sure Nefeli is going to love them! Who wouldn't?

  3. So cute, and it looks like fun!
    visiting from Busy Moms Team

  4. These are adorable! I recently started making bow headbands out of similar materials, so I can appreciate the "recycled" aspect of this project.


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