Hello !!!

Carnival is already here and the time is just perfect to become whatever we want… to follow our childhood dreams perhaps? From super hero, to a star of Hollywood! From a famous football player, to a romantic dreamer! Just use your imagination and create something that will totally make your day!

I am a dreamer and a lover of Victorian season, so as you can imagine I love Venetian Carnival, the most famous and oldest in the world.

Every year in mid-February, the whole Venice completely transforms: a few days before the official opening of the carnival in the city all romantic people from all over the Europe visit Venice, crowded procession of bands and street theater start walking the streets, carnival masks, capes, caps appear on the shelves. Imagine a huge party!

Never been there unfortunately, but I would love to visit Venice in the future...hopefully...

Until then, have a great Carnival and do not forget to laugh, dance and have fun with favorite friends.

PS.... To be honest I would love to hear in what you will disguise.


  1. Venice is beautiful, but I've only been there in the Spring..I hope you get the chance to visit it during the carnival pretty soon!Lovely post!
    P.S. This year I'm thinking about dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood!

    1. wow! great Christina! I would love to see photos of the cute Red Riding Hood! have fun!


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