Giveaway Winner - Akamatra... the Bow Lady!!!!

Good Morning my friends!

Saturday today and my mode is really high… I will see a few beloved friends in a while and at the same time Akamatra’s giveaway ended and I am really curious for the lucky lady!

But before use Rafflecopter to choose the winner…let me introduce you my precious young artist…my daughter. A few days ago we bought her first water-colors and the first experience was a really messy one! But she was laughing all the time and she was really happy. So get messy, will make you feel good!

So are you ready for the result? Let’s see…..

Happy Birthday Akamatra!!!!!!! We wish you many more moments full of creativity!

And now let's pick the winner......

Congratulations Rab Pom!!! We will contact you soon!!!

Thank you Maro for being in my blog! It was an honor!

Just stay in touch with my blog for the next amazing posts and our next Giveaway on May.... another amazing artist will be here.... a young lady who loves colors! It will be a surprise!!!!


  1. Happy birthday Akamatra!

    Zina, your daughter is getting better at art every day! :)


  2. Happy birthday beloved Bow Queen!
    ... and hey, I definitely see a future artist in little Nefeli!! ;-D
    xoxo ♥

  3. I can't beggin to tell you how touched I am by Nefeli's art! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday maroulaki!! Lovely painting Zina!! :)

  5. Congratulations to the winner:)

    Happy birthday Akamatra:)

    Have a wonderful day!:)


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