Walking around in Nafplio

Hello my friends!

Happy new week! I hope you have had an amazing weekend! I did! It was our first short excursion with my daughter and I mean that we had to stay in a hotel. I was really anxious in the beginning but my girl was having such a great time, that every concern has gone.

We went to Nafplio, a beautiful coastal small town only 1.5h away from Athens and we visited a couple of good friends. I love Nafplio and to be honest I cannot decide if I love this town more on winter or on summer. On winter you can walk in its narrow streets while it is raining and have a warm aromatic tea in one of its beautiful and cute small cafés, while a couple of people play great songs with their guitar. So romantic.
But on summer you can sit by the sea and have great fish plates (aka mezedes) with cold beer or ouzo, after your swim in the amazing beaches.

As you can imagine, having a 2years old girl running around is not that easy to photo every single beautiful corner or detail of the houses, streets, people..so I have chosen a few pictures just to get the idea.

In the morning, the blue sea was so peaceful that I thought that it is easy to swim and get to Bourtzi island…well it is not easy at all…do not try it :)

Spring is here and aromatic plants were all over the place…even around the windows…

Every single corner is decorated with old but at the same time useful items!

You can admire unique shop full of handmade creations. 

In the afternoon, the sun and the clouds were playing hide and seek, leaving us with a great smile in our face. Beautiful, isn't it?

Amazing town, great history, adorable pictures, unforgettable memories… Have a great week!



  1. exw polu kairo na paw nauplio...alla ekana ki egw tin exormisi mou to prwigoumeno sk!! :D

    1. φτιαχνει ο καιρός και είναι ότι πρέπει για μικρες εκδρομούλες :)

  2. Και εμείς εκεί ήμασταν, ήταν υπέροχη μέρα!!!

  3. I went there two summer ago! Then I visited all the Peleponeso. It was beautiful, the sea, the food, the people. Lovely!

  4. It is a lovely place!!! Great photos Zinaki!


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