DIY - Sea Stone Ring

Good Morning my friends!!

In my last walk by the sea I was lucky enough to find a few cute and very beautiful rocks, possibly from a tile that has been modified from the salty water. So, I collected them and yesterday a few ideas came up in my mind, on how to use them. I will try to post a few tutorials with them.

Let’s start…. Summer is almost here and we may use accessories with more colors or more natural materials. We can create a beautiful, simple ring with one of the rocks and we can create it with the colors we love.

What are we going to need

-      Glue (I use E6000, but any glue for jewelry will be great)
-      Paint brash
-      Ring base (I choose one in silver color)
-      Colors for ceramic


I really enjoyed this crafting since I did it with my daughter. Just simple use the colors you love and paint the stone. I wanted to create a ring with the two favorites colors for summer season and in a simple, geometric pattern.

When you finish the paint  just let the stone for a while to dry. And then you are done… just put glow in the ring base and glue the rock. Your ring is ready!

Just to be sure, let the glow for 24h and then your ring will be really stable.

If you want to make it more “bright” or more “flashy”, you may add with white glue glitter or just use transparent varnish. 

So…what do you think? A pure natural ring that is really uncommon!

Enjoy!!!! Happy Crafting!!!
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  1. Great idea!! Love the color combination! :)

  2. such a special ring! Maybe I could try it on the weekend! Thank you Zina :)

  3. Lovely!Where do you find E6000 in Greece?AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Lovely! Reminds me of an ice cream cone - very appropriate :)

  5. Great idea! and easy to make!

  6. Awesome tutorial! I collect rocks and look forward to trying this!

  7. So creative! I remember as a child picking up modified glass that the water had smoothed into beautiful shiny diamonds and rubies.

    Thanks for popping by Journeys of The Zoo and keeping in touch.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo


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