This week's finds - Neon Geometry!!!!

Good Morning my friends!!!

This period in my country the students have exams in order to enter to the university they choose. I have been "there" many years ago (time goes by so fast...) and I really do know how they feel. Tired, anxious, disappointed... but when they succeed feelings are change! When I succeeded to pass the exams, I thought it was the greatest thing in my life... of course it was, but then I was lucky to have more memorable moments like that... my wedding, my daughter's birth, moments with friends, beautiful trips....

One of my favorite lessons was Geometry! Oh yes... so today my finds are full of geometry but also full of colors just to cheer you up! 

Cake Bunting

Wooden desk lamp

geoscape magnetic wall art 

A beautiful Giveaway

Geometric Art Pencil Box

Geometric Paper Ornaments

Have a wonderful week and My best wishes to all the students! Good Luck!

mats mouts!
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  1. Thank you for including my lamps in this wonderful collection!!
    I love everything here!

  2. lovely post! the pencil box is soooo cute!

  3. oh my gosh! I had no idea geometry could be this interesting.. you really rocked it! Thanks for sharing this with us :)


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