This Week's Finds - Pink Candies !!!!!

Good Morning My friends!!!

This week;s post is a little bit late since a great giveaway stared yesterday in my blog with featured artist a very talented young lady, Triada. If you have not participated yet...well this is your chance!!!

I love coffee and I love candies... and ice cream... and cakes... and sweets... ok I am stopping! But you got my point! I love everything sweet and my kilos can prove this  (hahahahaha). 

So this week's finds are sweet, yummy, delicious, romantic, full of pastel pink!!!!

A romantic Maxi Dress

Cute Lavender Sachets

A detailed tutorial for Paper Flowers

My first featured shop unique

A sweet Giveaway

Cute Wedding Shoes

A sweet Heart Hand Carved Stamp

Have a wonderful sweet day full of LOVE!!!


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