Blue Summer Jewelry - {Product Review}

Hello my beloved friends!

Ok… I am going to repeat myself, but yes…Summer is here and the day is really bright! I love this kind of weather!

So I had a delicious breakfast full of energy (that means a breakfast with cake!) and dressed up for work. Thankfully in my office I do not need to be dressed very official and since I am mostly a casual girl…well… I used my favorite blue jeans and a shirt in sky blue also… so casual.  I completed my outfit with adorable accessories in the same tones... really a Summer outfit don’t you think?

A beautiful ombre pendant with a polymer bead and a unique tassel, made by my friend Dori and a few bracelets stacked together, in blue tones, made by my friend Pineza (as I call her :)).

I am not a model, I do not feel like one (so please be clement with me), but sometimes I do love to share with you things that I like! And what is the best way from wearing them?

I have received these amazing accessories from the ladies in beautiful small boxes with a personal note from them. I do like when they made me feel unique! And I am sure that they do that with every lady wearing their jewels.

The pendant with the beautiful ombre bead from polymer with a mosaic pattern, is really something to wear in every occasion. It is perfect for your bohemian dress or your casual jeans or your elegant white pants. 

The tassel completes it and makes it even more unique, don’t you think? I do not know if you can understand the colors in your screen, but Dori did an excellent work with the color’s alternation. She even send me two more tassels in order to change it a bit! I love it!

One of the summer trends I love is jewelry stacking! And these bracelets are the perfect example. The rubber bracelets match perfectly with the macramé one and all of them are so easy to wear and with an amazing texture!

 I do wear the rubber bracelets with also beaded jewels (even with pearls)  and the result is just adorable. I do love wearing them and Pineza made them even more personalized by adding a small charm in the aqua blue one. I adore them!

Ha…ok… I am done! I was really anxious about this post, it’s my first one, but I hope you enjoy it! I surely did… and I am lucky enough to have them all…what about you? 

Both ladies kindly offer a special gift to my friends too!! Two discount codes!    Now you will be able to have these accessories in your collection in any color you want (did I mention that you can have them in many colors?). Just take a look at their creations…you will definitely become a fan of them. Feeling lucky now????

For HunkiiDorii : code ND6ROIHJJD for 5% discount

For PinezaJewelry shop : code efzinfans for 5% discount

Happy Shopping!!!!

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  1. Great post and beautiful pictures! and the necklace and all of the bracelets are amazing! Hope I can find them in green... I will check!

  2. Thank you so much Zina :)

  3. These are amazing! They look very well together too! You are lucky!

  4. Lovely pieces and a cool summer look!! I have a similar pendant made by Dori and simply love it!!

  5. so beautiful all of them! just amazing!

  6. Είναι τέλεια!! Συγχαρητηρια!!!


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