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Sometimes I do love to have a cup of coffee and just sit and search on internet for handmade creations, beautiful pictures, great articles, favorite songs and many more. So in my last night's "research" I found something unique! It was love at first sight.... its color, its schema... I really adore it. So I made a gift to myself!!!

What was that? ok...ok... I will share it with you. A wonderful, trendy, girly watch in a beautiful hot pink color! I told you , love at first sight!

Have you ever checked the collection of Flex Watches? No??? Then visit Cityblis and you will be lost in their collection! To be honest I was spend almost 30min to decide what color and schema to choose!

Beautiful neon colors, trendy for this Summer! Cute Mini watches, perfect for girls and ladies. Watches perfect for a casual, an athletic or an elegant appearance. Accessories that are water protected for men.  And when I finally decided to choose pink, then I discover more colors!!! And not just the colors, but a story too....

What is Flex Watches all about? The Flex Watch is a symbol of a vibrant, active life. It was created to inspire change and will change the industry itself; the Flex is not just a watch, it's a brand that represents the lifestyle the designers aspire to.

Flex Watches are more than a watch or an accessorize. For every watch sold Flex provides 5 meals to children in need. By sporting your Flex Watch, you raise awareness for the cause and can change the life of a child. If you'd like to get more involved, Flex can help you adopt a child, plan a missions trip or build a home. 

 The primary goal of  Flex Watches is to raise awareness for the 10 charities teamed up with them. From local events to nationwide campaigns, and from campus reps to local retailers, Flex Watches is dedicated to spreading the word. In addition, they donate ten percent of their net profits to be distributed evenly to each participating charity. 

There is a way for us to help more... By wearing a Flex Watch, we are already starting to raise awareness for the organization linked to the color. The hope at Flex Watches is that we will share the story of the charity that represents the color of your watch. Find out more by clicking through and reading about these awesome organizations here: www.flexwatches.com/charities

Do you need more details about the colors?

Pink represents Breast Cancer Awareness. 
Blue:  donations to the partner organizations of Nika Water.
Black: donations to LHON - Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
Red Special for Breakfast Program, which  allows the company to feed 250-300 children each morning  in Rojo Gomez is a small community in Mexico.
Orange :represents the St. Bernard Project, which mission is to create housing opportunities so that Hurricane Katrina survivors can return to their homes and communities.
Green  represents the Be Perfect Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by the Hargrave family to assist Spinal Cord Injury victims that do not have the financial means to cover the cost of recovery.
White  represents Life Rolls On,dedicated to assisting and inspiring young people affected by spinal cord injury and uses action sports as a platform to demonstrate infinite possibilities despite paralysis. 
Purplerepresents First Descents. a program for improving the lives of young adults with cancer by offering whitewater kayaking and other outdoor adventure sports. 
Yellow represents APDA, the serving the Parkinson’s community. 
Grey represents Imerman Angels, carefully matches and individually pairs a person touched by cancer (a cancer fighter or survivor) with someone who has fought and survived the same type of cancer (a Mentor Angel).

I know that this post is long, but I think it deserves 5min of your time. Each color one story. These watches are more than an accessories. 

A! I forgot to tell you...I bought a second one :) 

Happy Shopping!

       mats mouts
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  1. I know these watches but I didn't know about the charity thing.
    Great post!

  2. summer colours! love them ♥

  3. These watches are really nice! I have a white one that i wear at summer season!!!


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