This Week's Finds - Gifts for my Princess

Today is my princess Name Day and we almost celebrate it like her birthday. Of course birthday is more important and unique day, but why not to find another opportunity to celebrate and have a small kids party?

My post "This week's finds" are especially for my daughter, as you can imagine. Handmade toys and accessories and art for her room. I searched a lot and I was impressed by my findings! All of them just adorable, unique and cute! 

Let me present them...

Houses toy puzzle

Pencil post earrings

Nursery Wall Art

Cornelia - Felt Donkey with long floppy ears

Candy Store

Tooth fairy pillow

Educational Rainbow Toy

and many more....for my sweet princess, your sweet kids! 

ok... I have to leave now and prepare the party....just do not forget to check for blog's giveaway!

Have a wonderful day!

     mats mouts
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  1. Wonderful collection! Thank you so much for featuring my Tooth Fairy house! Have a beautiful day Efi!!!

  2. Beautiful finds, love them even though I'm not so.. little any more!! ;-)
    Many hugs to sweet Nefeli on her name day :-*

  3. How cute those things!

  4. Awe, what great finds for the little princess!! Thanks so much for including my duck print :) Cheers!


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