Tea Party Decor with Flowers!!!!

Hello My friends!!!!

As usual I have spent a few minutes looking pinterest for beautiful pictures and ideas and pinterest is on of the greatest places for that. And I stopped in a few beautiful ideas for party decoration with flowers! Well actually here in Greece we do not have the habit to have a cup of tea in the afternoon and tea parties, but I believe that this kind of décor is simply perfect for any romantic party or wedding or even a birthday party or baptism.

Beautiful colors, great aromas, simple ideas and the result is more that adorable....don't you think?

Décor in Pastel tones...so romantic

Grass Green , lilac and fuchsia details..simple and beautiful!

Magenta and white..candles add a romantic tone!

Like the old days...floral and romance!

A beautiful Self-serve Drink Station... 

So beautiful, romantic, exotic and unique. I love them all. Use your imagination, combine colors and patterns and flowers and I am sure that you are going to have a wonderful party décor!

Have an amazing day!!!

     mats mouts
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