Blue Shades.....

Good Morning!!!! And Happy August!!!!

I love summer and I love this seasons colors! My favorite? Blue of any shade... navy blue, aqua blue, sky blue, dark blue, pastel blue, Tiffany blue, light blue...whatever! Is a color full of Summer and easy to combine it!

I love the sea and I love the sky! It is something that everyone can admire and enjoy and it will definitely relax you! Who doesn't love to have a cold beer by the beach or to close her eyes and listen the sound of the waves or even lie down on the grass (or sand or whatever...) and just admire the sky and the clouds? Really relaxing!

My everywhere!

Aqua beautiful!

Sky and Sea together...

How could be possible to love blue and not creating accessories with this color? In any shade... Not possible of course! 

Blue Agate Necklace

Nautical Felted Earrings

Tiffany and Aqua Blue Floral Bracelet 

Neon Blue Rose Earring Studs

Sky Blue Agate Bracelet

Pastel Blue Felted Earrings

Aqua Blue Charm Bracelet

so... do you love blues? Do you have any accessories? If not...then get a few! They are very trendy not only for Summer but for every season! And just for Summer, Ef Zin offers you 10$ gift!  Spend 45$ and more and apply coupon code "SUMMER7" during checkout!

Happy Shopping and Happy Summer!

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  1. Nice pictures and beautiful jewels! I love Summer and I love blue, espeacially Sky blue.


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