Fashion Trends - Hot Hot Pink!!!!

I love Pink...especially the hot one, fuchsia. Just perfect for every season! 

Combine it with ivory or white and you will get an elegant, romantic outfit. Use it with black and you will be a really sexy woman! Fuchsia is just perfect with jeans and casual shirts for a hot casual outfit or just use it with a floral dress for a more vintage look! 

1.Post Earrings  2.Crochet Clutch  3.Lace Ruffle Cuff  4.Fresh raspberry photo

Simply adorable color. Just use your imagination and you will have a great and unique outfit!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

And if you would like to check more suggestions for your night outfit just visit Star of The East blog!!!

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  1. You just can't beat hot pink for an ultra feminine pop of colour!
    Thank you for including my ruffle cuff in your wonderful selection!

  2. Pretty pinks :) they look delicious ;)


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