This Week's Finds - Clouds for Dreamers

First Rain!!!! I love it... it means that Autumn is finally here! And what I love most? watching the rain and the raindrops on the window while I am having a cup of hot coffee!!! Just calms me down!!!

So my finds for this week? what else of course????

1.Rain Hat 2.Cloud Earrings 3.Rain Boots 4.Waterproof Coat
5.Raindrops Earrings 6.Purse 7.Cloud Art 8.Mobile Case 9.Driftwood Cloud

And if you do not like the rain and you are bored when you are home, a few adorable tutorials for beautiful and easy crafts!!!

1.Rain Boot Vase 2.Crochet Raindrops 3.Party Decor 4.Rain Paper Bag

Have a wonderful day!!!!

         mats mouts
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  1. We had our first rain too today, after more than 4 months it is really a blessing :)
    Thank you so much for featuring my driftwood cloud!

  2. That's a lovely theme! Thank you for including my earring:)


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