Climbing to the sky…..

Hello my friends!

I know that I have written already about the short vacation we had in the forester village (two relevant posts Micro world... and Just Colors..., but the feelings of that weekend and the memories are still "warm" in my mind and in my heart. It took as only a couple of days to relax and at the same time to feel the nature, to check our limits, to organize our mind. It was just perfect!

And one thing that I actually couldn't try , but I will next time, was climbing the wall! I do not know if this has a specific name, but I know that it was a great challenge for my friends that they tried it and managed to reach the top!

The procedure was the usual… wear specific armament, check the rope, be informed about the tactics you have to follow and get ready!

And yes it was a really huge challenge! I think that all the three of my friends told us later that it was an experience that they will definitely do it again in the future, that they reached their limits at some point and that when they got on the top they felt awesome!

Really, isn't this like life??? Every day we have new challenges and maybe problems to deal with. But if we are organized,  calm and always check our “equipment” , reaching the end is something that will always remember, a new experience and a great feeling! I love that feeling….

Have a wonderful day full of beautiful experiences!

mats mouts
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  1. wow! this looks really interesting...but to be honest I don;t think I can do it :/

    1. is difficult for me also, but I will try it in the future....

  2. I would never do this! Not being comfortable with heights is my thing!

    1. hahahaha totally understand you Maria!

  3. Try it and let us know how it go!

  4. xaxaxa... για μενα ειναι αυτο!


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