Fashion Trends - Bold Colors!

Hello my beloved friends!

Another week already quickly I have to say... and weekend is almost here! Tomorrow I have plans with great friends and hopefully weather will help on that... the past days is really weird, rain at the morning, sun the rest of the day and  a cold enough night!

My baby bump is already big enough and a few cloths that I really enjoy wearing is tunics! Amazing creations... combine them with tights  r pants and your favorite boots or pumps and you will rock! 

1.Tunic 2.Necklace 3.Ring 4.Bag

Bronze accessories or shades of gold or shades of cooper are really trend this period. Warm colors, reminds Autumn and you can enjoy them everyday! And of course I never forget my large shoulder bag...too big for everything (my things and my daughter things and...)and not that messy any more....

Have a wonderful Friday and a gorgeous weekend!!!

       mats mouts
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  1. Great collection! Thank you for choosing my bag :-)

  2. so beautiful colors and finds!

  3. I love tunics and larga handbags!!!! and blue is my color even thought I do not wear bronze or any gold tones. Great outfit!

  4. This was a long week indeed...Nice to see my necklace featured here, thank you!


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