Insta - Weekend!!!

Hello my friends and a happy new week!!!

How was your weekend? Mine I have to admit that was really tired... the weekend passed and I do not feel my batteries charged at all!!! Yeap... too many things to do and not that many walks with my family. At least we had a few great moments....

- Saturday was a little bit rainy and unfortunately we couldn't visit the blayground.
-But we managed to create beautiful Christmas Ornaments with my daughter!!! Stars, Flowers, Snowflakes, Hearts... not the only thing left is painting them and hung them on the tree!
- My mother is really a master least for me. And now that my baby bump is growing I cannot spend too many hours in the she cooked for us and sent us a package full or aromas and tastes!!! I love you mom :)
- Sunday was a great day, so at least that day we had great time in kindergarten!!!! We laughed and we enjoyed it too much!!!

Hope you had also an amazing weekend and more beautiful to come!!!

mats mouts

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  1. I love walnut pie! Waiting to see the ornaments finished!

  2. I must be the last person not to have joined Instagram yet...Lovely pics and here's hoping that we will get some rest next weekend!

    1. this is the time to create an account!!! come on!!!


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