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{ Guest Post from Stephania}

Hello my friends!!!

I am honored to have a great friend in my blog, a very talented artist an amazing woman! She does not only is a great photographer but she also creates beautiful and unique jewels. 

Today Stephania is talking and showing us her love for cats... isn't it amazing??? she has taken photos of cats from every single trip she had. 



Although a dog person I cannot underestimate the charm of cats. Cats are fascinating creatures and great models for any photographer. Wild and sweet, mysterious and funny, tender and independent, smart and lazy, they attract their admirers with their complex personality. Here are some cat portraits that I captured during my photographic trips. I hope you'll enjoy them!

Murano / Italy

Serifos / Greece

Serifos / Greece

Serifos / Greece

Galaxidi / Greece

Athens Plaka / Greece

Athens Plaka / Greece

Sifnos / Greece

Ok... it is not possible to have all of her pictures in the current post, but if you wish to find more about Stephania and her creations, just visit her etsy shops and her social media below: 

Vintage etsy shop : antiquissimo
Photography etsy shop: stephmel
Jewelry etsy shop : lePetitFoyer
Blog : stephmel
pinterest: stephmelart
facebook : Antiquissimo

Thank you Stephania!!!!

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  1. Beautiful photos!! Love both you girls and.. cats of course! ;-))
    xoxoxo <3

  2. thank you so much sweet Zina- kittens look happy in your blog! Ada, love you both too :) xo

  3. Cats are fab! I always get lost on youtube looking at cat videos, haha.

    Corinne x

  4. Dear Zina,
    thanks for the comments you leave on my blog. As you are a no-reply blogger I cannot answer them though! The Serbia-Romania trip was last April!AriadnefromGreece!


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