Insta Weekend #5

Hello my friends!

Happy New Week!!! The past week was a mess for me, so I didn't post so often in my blog, but this week I will try to write again more often! 

So this weekend again was a great one for me and my family...

 We had great time drinking hot chocolate and coffee with beloved friends,

I went out after too many months (!) for a free alcohol beer with my girlfriends,

and we had amazing moments full of Christmas spirit and laughs with my family in a cute Santa Claus Village!

I love this period...and I love it even more when I am on vacation. I can spend hours with my family, with my friends and we can do things unusual for us. Especially from now on that my princess is old enough to follow us in our exodus.

So have fun and memories full of smiles and Christmas Spirit!

         mats mouts
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