My memory Jewelry Box

I never thought I could have such a wonderful jewelry box, customized and personalized just for me. A beautiful wooden box that is hand painted by a very talented artist, a friend from etsy. 

Jo from wasataylor a great artist, just created for me a unique jewelry box. 

She had this wonderful idea of creating customized memories boxes, using only a picture 
of you. So I have send her a photo from my princess baptism and she painted the box exactly as it 
shown. A truly beautiful creation!!!!

As you can imagine this is going to be a gift to my princess when of course she will grow up.

A box full of memories!!!

So if you want something unique also for you or your beloved kids and not only, just spend 
a few minutes to check Jo's creations!!!

etsy shop: Wasataylor
facebook: Wasataylor
web shop: Wasataylor

Thank you Jo!!!

mats mouts
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