This Week's Finds: Kites full of Colors!

Hello my friends!

Happy "Clean" Monday, as we call it here in Greece. What is that? is the Monday that Carnival ends, 40days before Easter. We call it "clean" because today we do not eat meat or cheese or drink milk etc in order to "clean" our body and start the 40days fast. 

Another tradition we have today is kites! Yeap...any kind of them, in any color! But since today we have a rainy day and we couldn't enjoy them, I will enjoy them into my blog... so this week's finds are kites!

1. Nursery Decor  2.Kite Earrings 3.Kite Earring Studs 4.Wire Sculpture

1.Free printable 2. Kite tutorial 3. Blog post for kites

Happy Monday!!!!


       mats mouts
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