Coffee Break... and Chat #6


Are you ready for another funny chat and hangout with blogger friends????

Please let me summarize up the rules... actually there are no rules just tips:

-  This game/chat party is opened to everyone, even if you are not a blogger. Use another social link if you wish or just join us for a chat!
-  Please feel free to add a comment in Greek or in worries
- Please add you comment regarding the chat's question. This is mainly a chat party and not a link party. If you are not comment, your link will be removed.
- Backlinks to your blog or social media (in case you are not a blogger), are always welcome!
- You may comment other people stories...this is a chat remember?
- None is forced to follow others! However it would be nice if you just visit each other blogs...who might like what you read!
- If you would like to suggest a question for this game, please feel free to do it. We are having a coffee and we are discussing like friends :) 
Finally, a board about the game is created in pinterest called Coffee Break and Chat. Every link of you in the game it will be pinned in the board. If you wish you may follow it!

Last week the party took place on Akamatras blog and her spicy question made us laugh a lot! Thank you Maro! 
 Next week's game will be hosted to a Home full of Memories by Eleanna in the amazing Cyprus! The link of the game in my blog will automatically lead to the game of the host's blog. If you wish to be a host , please email me at The point of doing that is to meet more blogs and to have more people to join the game, because it is fun to chat and having conversations with blogger friends.

Now let's start. 

The question for this week is.....

Let's see how honest can you be and have some laugh today also!

And of course please do not forget to link up one of your favorite posts....

Can't wait to read your comments...let me have my coffee and let's chat!!!
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