Mint Lover....

Hello my friends!!!

Another Friday is already here and really soon also the weekend. So let's prepare for the exodus we might have with friends and not only....

Have I told you that I am a fan of mint???? I love this color! 

It can be combined with white and create a wonderful casual outfit perfect for the Summer

or with other pastel colors like pink coral and create an elegant, more romantic outfit for every time of the day and especially for a cocktail party!

Mint was in fashion also last year, but this year mint and of course all the pastel colors are combined more with white and beige instead of having them in floral cloths. Just have always in mind not to use to many colors in your outfit (except in floral patterns) and in case you have a floral pair of shoes, use a monochrome bag and vise versa. After all accessories are always the best details in our appearance!!!

Do you want to check more beautiful accessories in mint???? Check some from a few of my favorite crafters!

1.Bracelet 2.Shoes 3.Bow Hair Clips 4.Ring 5.Necklace 6.Necklace 7.Earrings

Happy Friday and a weekend full of smiles!!!
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