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This Summer vacations were a full of every memory you can imagine. Happiness, smiles, excursions… and an accident! Oh yes… we were visiting our friends and my princess had an accident that caused her a hematoma in her eye. And before you ask how did this happen, I will tell you that even the most small and stupid accident can happen when you do not pay attention on what you do. Eye got damaged and we managed to get know every ophthalmologist in the hospital in Heraklion. Things are now better of course, the eye is healed but again we are really careful, or at least we try to be. And this was a great opportunity to just check my princess’ eyes.

When I was a kid I was wearing glasses, but a few years later my eyes just got healed by themselves (doctor said this was normal!) and no glasses for me. What happened? For the past few years I never gone to exam them and this is not good. After the accident we had, I was considering  to pay attention to them once more! It was about time… but the prizes are so high! So what to do? Use Groupon of course!

Groupon is actually the best place to save money and to have the treatment you wish for your eyes. You will not only find deals for eye’s exams, but also about eyeglasses’ prescriptions, and surgeries.  And just in order to be sure that I will never miss any new deal, I have also downloaded the mobile app!  Remember…there are no membership fees! So hop on to Groupon for great Deals for your Eyes  !

Happy Shopping! 
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