Beautiful while Sporting!!!! (Sponsor Love : StyleWe and JustFashionNow)

I know... I know... every year I have this fear when Spring is here, because this means that Summer is next, so also the jumpsuits! And every time I am trying to convince myself to start the gym or jogging or at least walking (after all the last one is one of my favorites!). Every time I am trying to keep up the tough work, but I have to admit that this is not easy, since I am always so tired of work and kids! But this year, I find why I have to stay on this path... what about amazing sports bras and amazing leggings??? Afterall we can be so beautiful while having fun with sports!

What is the most importand thing while doing sports? Cloths and shoes, because we need to feel comfortable all the time! Cute pants, amazing bras, gorgeous leggings just for you in so many beautiful colors and patterns! When doing fitness activity, expect that your breast will move sideways and up and down and this will be a "problem" if you are not wearing any support like a sports bra. And how to select the best one? Usefull tips about cup size and style of the bra can be finded in the Stylewe page! 

Don't forget also the leggings! I adore them, because you can use it all day while sporting or just for a walk! Amazing colors and fabrics and patterns also available in JustFashionNow. Just do not forget to read about Legging Outfits: Stylish Tips on Wearing Leggings , so many tips and ideas available for amazing and trendy outfits!

So let's start gym and maybe this year I can wear again my favorite JustFashionNow white lace crop top !!!!

Happy running!!!

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