Turkey and Feta Cheece Muffins!!!!

Recipe for muffins with turkey and cheece

I have to say, I am a huge lover of the cakes! I can enjoy just cake and coffee or fresh juice, all day! Of course so far, when I was thinking about cakes or cupcakes or muffins, my mind was thinking about something sweet and full of cream or chocolate or cinnamon! And then I have tasted a cake without sugar, not sweet at all but with cheece! Huge discovery! And the experiments started!!!

Healthy food recipe

I do not know about you, but for me one of the most difficult things to do and decide every day is...what else...what to eat! Especially what my princess should eat at school. Something tasty and healthy and without liquids and easy to make! That's why when I "discovered" (too late I know) the salty cake, it was just the perfect opportunity to enjoy in the kitchen cooking with kids and of course to solve my problem!

Food for kids recipe

The muffins are really tasty and I am thinking to experiment in many more ingredients. Weekend is close, so why not? I will tell you of course what happened! 

Ingredients for Muffins with Turkey and Feta Cheece!!!
- 360gr Graham Flour
- 2 1/2 tablespoons baking powder
- 250ml fresh milk
- 1 teaspoon salt (I have used Pink Himalayan salt)
- 2 eggs
- 2 tablespoon Olive Oil
- 70gr Feta Cheese
- 30gr Cheddar Cheece
- 50gr Boiled Turkey 

Salty Muffins recipe


The procedure is really easy, like creating the usual muffins (!), but with cheese! In one bowl mix up the liquids and in an other mix the flour with the salt and the baking soda. Add them to the liquids and keep stiring it. 
Fill the cupcake pan or a muffin cup with the mixture and bake it for almost 30 minutes in a preheat oven in 170 degrees C or untill the toothpick that you enter in the center, comes out clean. Let it cool in a cooling rack for 10 min and then they are ready to enjoy them! 

Muffin for kids with Cheece

Turkey and Cheddar cheece muffins recipe

If you do not want to eat them asap, then you can store them in an air tied container and let put them in the refrigarator. You can taste them later!

Bon appétit my friends! 

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  1. Φαίνοντε υπέροχα Ζήνα!!!Όπου μπαίνει τυρί κάποιο αλλαντικό,είναι σίγουρη επιτυχία!!!Καλό ΠΣΚ!!!

    1. Σε ευχαριστω πολύ Ιωάννα! Καλη σου μερα :0

  2. ανυπομονώ να δοκιμάσω τη συνταγή!
    καλό ΣΒ!

    1. περιμένω εντυπώσεις!!!! φιλακια

  3. Αγαπώ αλμυρό κέικ οπότε σίγουρα θα αγαπήσω και αλμυρά muffins! Αποθηκεύτηκε η συνταγή!

    1. χαχαχαχα την ιδια σκεψη εχουμε. απλα ειναι πιο μικρα!

  4. Μα τι κορίτσι είσαι εσύ. Όλα τα φτιάχνεις πια!Πάει για pin!

    1. ειπε η super food blogger! τι να πω καλε εγω για σενα;;;;

      Χιλια ευχαριστω!!!!!

  5. Οτι πρεπει για το σχολειο. Θα τη δοκιμασω τη συνταγη σου σημερα κιολας.

    1. Θα ξετρελαθείτε!!! Καλές μαγειρικες :)

  6. ποτέ δεν έχω φτιάξει αλμυρό κέικ ή κεκάκια! Ενδιαφέρον!!!

  7. Τρελαίνομαι για φέτα μέσα σε κεικάκια. Πρέπει να τα φτιάξω όπωσδήποτε!

    1. και εγω πρωτη φορα εφτιαξα αλμυρα και τα λατρεψα! χιλια ευχαριστω κουκλα :)


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