Yummy Spinach Salad!!!!

I am in love with Spring not only due to the great sunny weather and the flowers and because we are next to the Summer (which is by far my favorite season!!!) but for the fresh vegetables and fruits! Who does not love strawberries or any berry for example? This is the perfect time to enjoy fresh salads everyday! So... let me indroduce you my favorite Spinach Salad!!!!

It is a great challenge for me when I  prepare our meal to prepare also salad in a beautiful way in order my kids to taste it...because as all the kids, mine also are grumbling about fresh vegetables... the green of course, not all of them. So, our salad should have more than one color and to be really healthy and tasty! And this salad is one of our favorites!

For this salad I have combined both vegetables and fruit, since Green Apple is one of my favorites and it is a great coombination with carrot and green salad. While the dressing is bitter sweat and makes the salad even more delicious. But let's prepare it now...

Ingredients for the Spinach Salad:
- Fresh Spinach
- Carrot
- Beetroot
- Green Apple
- Black Sesame

Ingredients for the Dressing:
- Olive Oil
- 1 tablespoon Balsamic Cream  
- 1 tablespoon Locust Bean Honey

Clean all your fresh vegetables and cut them by hand. Put them in a bowl. 

Cut in small pieces the green apple, the carrots and the beetroot. Add them also in the bowl. Do not forget to add also salt (if needed) and Black Sesame.

For the dressing:
In a small bowl add Olive oil, Balsamic Cream and a teaspoon of Locust Bean Honey. Mix them and add them in your salad.

Your salad is ready to enjoy it! As you may see I didn't use specific quantity of the ingredients because it is up to our taste to use more of that or this. Afterall, it is salad! You can do whatever you want and again be delicious!!! So, Happy Cooking!

mats mouts
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  1. Πόσο δροσερή και θρεπτική η σαλάτα σου Ζήνα μου!! Και τα χρώματα σου φτιάχνουν το κέφι!! Θα την φτιάξω για το γραφείο!! Σε φιλώ!!

    1. Ελπίζω να την απολαυσεις! Σε ευχαριστω πολύ!

  2. Υπέροχη πρόταση μιας και αγαπώ ιδιαίτερα τις σαλάτες! Χρώμα και Υγεία μαζί!

    1. Και εγω εχω τρελα με τις σαλατες, ειδικα αυτη την εποχη! Χιλια ευχαριστω φιλεναδα!

  3. Κι εγώ λατρεύω τις σαλάτες και το καλοκαίρι που μας προσφέρει πολλές επιλογές! Τελεια η σαλάτα σου και το ντρεσινγκ. Θα δοκιμάστε άμεσα!

    1. Χαιρομαι που σου αρεσε! Καλή σας όρεξη!!!

  4. Ναι, ειναι υπέροχη, τη δοκιμασα και απο κοντα και το χαρουπόμελο ήταν πολυ ιδιαιτερο.

  5. This is a delicious salad! Btw, my favorite season is summer too :)

    1. Thank you Duni!!! Summer is close!!!

  6. Περίεργος συνδυασμός αλλά φαίνεται πεντανόστιμος! Γεια στα χέρια σου!


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