Me and Mama Creations Jewelry Giveaway!!!!

Finally, Spring has decicded to stay and to wear her most beautiful colors. And I want to follow her example...colors and more colors! This is the perfect time to wear your gorgeous boho jewelry you had in your draw the past Winter! And since I want my friends to be happy, I have team up with my beloved Akamatra for this amazing and so cute Heart Necklace just for you! Lia and her creations are once more in my blog, but this time insted of having ice creams, we have hearts!!!!

This is a giveaway by MeandMamaCreations, hosted by Akamatra.
Lia, the owner of MeandMamacreations on etsy is a Greek lady living in Thessaloniki where she makes wonderful handmade jewelry, accessories and more.

She makes crochet bags and bead jewelry but her favorite thing to do is cross stitching! She uses this very copious and difficult technique to make little works of art for you to wear. She send me a wonderful heart necklace and an ice cream brooch to review and you may read about them here.

In all honesty I couldn't find a thing I didn't love about her creations and that's coming from a very strict judge let me tell you. She handles her materials professionally and the end result is awesome. 

You can find her shop here and she's also on facebook and instragram.

Lia was really kind to offer something from her collection to one lucky lady, so this very special giveaway is for you! You can win both the necklace and the brooch simply by following the steps in the widget below! The giveaway is open worldwide and will run until the 17th of April. Best of luck!

Good Luck!!!!

mats mouts
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  1. This ice cream brooch is really cute!

  2. Her jewelry isn't really my style, but I'm crazy about tons of her other embroidery--just adorable!

  3. Thank you so much for co-hosting the review and the giveaway, darling!!!
    Lia Meandmamacreations

  4. I loved the Easter bunny

  5. Crochet big bunny toy is beautiful i love handmade toys


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