Mermaid Hair by Black Hairspray!

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When I was really young, you know kid I mean, I was in love with mermaids! I do not know if this was because of Arial the little mermaid story or because of my love for the sea, but I really wanted to become one of them and live under the sea. I was in love with everything about them, the shell houses, the jewels, their hair. Especially for the last one! All these amazing colors in their hair! So imagine the face of my parents when I decied to change my hair color to lilac... no way! And the only think I managed was just to ad a few lilac tufts on my red hair. Ha! And I loved it!

Years have passed and I have forgoten this passion of mine, until now, since my princess is also in love with the same story! But I consider myself a little old to do my hair pink or lilac. On the other hand everytime I see a girl with pastel color in her hair, I just can't stop admiring her! Oh yes, I love this style! But I figured out what to do...Wigs!!!!  

Why not actually? A wig, or more of them, is the solution! In that way you can easily change your hair and feel a little bit meramid and then when you want you just remove it! And there are so many amazing colors to choose! Just spend a few minutes and find your style and also be happry with the lace front wig prices from BlackHairSpray! It is really easy, since now you can find all kinds of styles, colors, textures and lengths at the touch of your computer. 

Black Hair Spray is beauty e-commerce company that offers a great collection of wigs and hair care products, with clients who range from professional stylists and hairdressers to working mothers and students. Too many hair products  are available, including Weaves, Braids, Lace Front Wigs, Remy Hair, Ponytail and Buns, and many more. 

Actually is fan to know that you can change your hairstyle so easy and allow yourself to be more... girly or crazy or with long hair or with another color! Just discover your inner mermaid... 

Really, if you could be a mermaid, which color do you think you could have in your hair???

Have a wonderful Magic day my friends!

mats mouts
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  1. Do you remember my purple hair a couple of years back? They lasted for like two weeks when they turned pink and then yellow, lol! I loved those two weeks though!

    1. O yes!!!! Of course I remember this and I was really jeallous for your lilac hair!

  2. Oh amazing!!! I just love the color of the mermaid Hair


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