Monday MoodBoard - Blue Sky

What a lovely day!!! But to be honest my mood and my inspiration is from yesterday's and not from today’s feelings… same feelings different day!

Yesterday I was lucky to have a great short walk with my hubby and my little girl in a small park near my home. The day was really  hot and sunny. The nature was celebrating with amazing colors and sweet smells. Beautiful butterflies and cute cowslips were around. Spring has already come! When I stayed near a tree in order to avoid sun, I pointed my look up and I saw this magnificent view…

How cannot smile with such a beauty? I smiled and the smile is still in my face. So new day, new week…just look at the sky, smile and everything will be better… reach what you cannot!

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Have a wonderfull new week! 


  1. Perfect!
    Just what spring feels like!

  2. Beautiful! Here in Aachen it is still snowing....but spring will be here soon, too!

  3. Beautiful, we do not have this weather here yet, but soon....

  4. Great weather. When I woke up today and looked outside the window I saw snow:D

  5. So beautiful! Here we have rain and wind:(

  6. Your mood is contagious ;)

  7. Lovely - wish we had that weather here in the UK!!!


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