Cozy Grey!!!

The past days the weather is cold (it was about time of course!!!) and it was just perfect for a walk in a favorite park with trees near my old house. Alone with one and a half men (my hubby and my baby boy!) we had great time walking around the trees. If you have never been in Park in Galatsi of Athens, just organize it to visit it with your friends or your kids. There are also two coffee shops, playground, fields and a cinema! Yes...too many things to do and it is amazing every season of the year! But for this walk, I needed something cozy and casual! An outfit in grey and forest green shades, with my favorite shoes and minimal accessories was simply perfect.


DIY Dried Orange Slices

So far if I ever wanted to use dried orange slices in my decoration or in packaging or any other idea, I was visiting a local shop in Crete to buy them or in the centre of Athens. And guess...a few days ago I wanted a couple of slices to use but the weather was too rainy to go out with my baby boy. But I didn't give up...I made them by myself and from now on I will keep making them and not buying them!



I love new things...to buy them, to create them, to get them. I love tiny cute things, I love handmade things, I love girly things, I love....the two ornaments I got this week for our Christmas tree to reminds us the birth of our baby boy! I don't think I have ever mentioned it, but our Christmas tree has special ornaments. And when I say special, I mean symbolic. Every single ornament has its symbolism...tiny cute angels holding a red heart have been bought when we got married. The ceramic ballerina ornaments are for my princess' birth. Ornaments from our trips, from the past, handmade and not only! 


DIY Mushrooms for Christmas!!!!

Do you like mushrooms? I adore them...I can eat thousands of them and I can have them in my home decor. I do not know why I love them so much...maybe because I was a fan of Smurfs! A great friend just joined my blog and she has an amazing tutorial how to craft your own small mushrooms for your Christmas decor... and not only! 

Σας αρέσουν τα μανιτάρια; Εγω τα λατρευω... μπορώ να φάω εκατοντάδες και μου αρεσουν και στη διακόσμηση του σπιτιου μου. Δε ξέρω γιατί μου αρεσουν τόσο πολύ... ίσω γιατι λάτρευα τα Στρουμφάκια! Μία αγαπημένη φίλη μόλις ήρθε στο blog μου και έχει να μας δείξει πώς μποροόύμε να φτιάξουμε τα δικά μας μικρα μανιταρια για τη διακόσμηση των Χριστουγεννων... και όχι μονο!


DIY Simple Gift Wrap Ideas: washi tape

I love washi tapes! I love them in my wishing cards, in my jewelry boxes, for collage in my kids bedroom and so many other ideas! And I have plenty of them and each time I see a new pattern I get one! I told you...too many patterns and colors! That's why we are going to use them to wrap our Christmas gifts! 

Λατρευω τα washi tapes! Τα αγαπω στις ευχετηριες κάρτες μου, τα κουτακια για τα κοσμηματα, σαν κολαζ στο δωματιο των παιδιων και σε τόσες άλλες υπέροχες χρήσεις! Και έχω ήδη αρκετα, αλλά και πάλι αν δω κατι νεο να μου αρεσω, απλα το παίρνω. Σας το είπα...τόσα πολλά σχέδια και χρώματα! Γι αυτό και θα τα χρησιμοποιησουμε για να διακοσμήσουμε τα δωρα των Χριστουγέννων!


Coffee Break... and Chat #40

Καλημέρες κουκλες!!!

Ξερω , Ξερω...τρεχετε με δωρα και κουραμπιεδες και μελομακαρονα!!!! Καντε ενα break ομως γιατι σερβιριστηκε το καφεδακι και μαλιστα σε ενα blogσπιτο γεματο ταξιδια!!!!  Η Αντωνια μας περιμενει, οποτε μην αργειτε!!!


DIY Orange Sugar Scrub

I have always wanted to make my own beauty products and this is my first recipe I have done by myself! A really fast and easy sugar scrub with common ingredients and with an amazing aroma!


Giveaway OASAP Cap Coat : And the winner is...

Another amazing Giveaway just ended! And I am sure that you are curious to check if you are the lucky winner! Also I am really sure that you feel already lucky to visit OASAP and check all the amazing products! But just one will win....

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