Here I am...

I was thinking about this post but I kept cancelling without any specific reason. Today is my day and this is the greatest opportunity for it! Happy Name Day to me!!!!

Please take some Chocolate or a piece of delicious cake!!! Coffee please?

So it was about time to give a gift to myself and to my blog...a small face lift! After all this blog is like a diary to me. I love it and I want to make it beautiful firstly to my eyes. The banner and the signature changed and of course some details and icons in the main page...my friend Dimitra helped me a lot! Thank you sweety!

And then I was planning to change the name of the blog...I removed the Creations part, not because I dislike it, but because this blog has been changed to a "magazine"! What I am saying is that when I stared it in the first place, I had it only for uploading my jewelry creations. I didn't like it a lot, I wanted it to be something more, to be interesting, to become something that you want to read and not feel that you spend your precious time. So I changed it. And I changed it again. And again. I added more themes, recipes, tutorials, traveling experiences and more. And I am still trying to improve it further.

My last addition is the street fashion posts...yes I am a model or what? hahahaha 

So what are my feelings? Ef Zin for me is my daily life, my interests, my crafts. I love having people around, I like to share with you creations from other artists or great blogposts. I am a typical woman as the 99% of the women in the world. But I am feeling lucky to have three different roles...woman, wife and mother and the "artist" inside me. That's why my new banner has three different circles...the circles of my life! 

Woman...everything that concerns me about fashion, housekeeping, beauty, travels and many more.
Wife and mother...anything about family experiences, memories and games and fun and concerns and...
The artist...everything about crafting, cooking, outfits...

I am not a super blogger, I do not know everything about fashion for example. I am not the perfect wife and mother. I do have dreams that I have not fullfilled yet. I also have nerves, tiredness, I am afraid of specific things, I do not have plenty time to cook great meals, I am fat, I do eat a lot, I do speak a lot when I have something to say, I cannot spend money for expensive cloths and I cannot go out for a coffee whenever I want, I do not shoot great photos. But again I dream a lot, I am realistic over the limit, I adore my hubby and my kids are everything to me, I do try to be happy and have a happy family and I love my friends... and in conclusion I am a woman

That's why I love this blog...because I can express my thoughts about my experiences, to write about the fashion as I see it as I like it, to share my crafts with you even the most easy or stupid, to travel you away even if this away is Crete, to introduce you other friends that I love their work, to share with you cooking experiences even if the sweets or meals are really simple to make...to do what I do in my home! After all life is more simple if you just do everything according to your wishes, needs and taste and not because you have to do it! That's why I adore to read your comments. That's why my blog now is just EfZin..the best wish for you...to live well!

So please let me share with you my new ME!

Thank you for being part of my blog world!

            mats mouts

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Coffee Break... and Chat #34

Καλημέρες κουκλες!!!

Σήμερα το καφεδάκι μετακομίζει Νότια Προάστια, σε αγαπημενη φίλη με υπέροχα diy και ιδεες διακόσμησης! Καλως ήρθαμε σπίτι σου Χριστινακι!

Πατήστε εδω για να μεταφερθείτε!!!

        Ματς μουτς

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My new Coat!!!!

Temperature has dropped and even thought the last days were sunny, it was a little bit cold outside. Perfect for a short walk and for wearing my favorite new coat and my beloved boots, at last!!!! I got this coat a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't wear it! But now, I do enjoy it! In light grey (one of my favorite colors), double breasted (one of my favorite styles) and really warm! Autumn is finally here! That's why I have finally decided to add also a few Autumn details in my home decor. I found a quite few interested leaves and not only...! Are you curious to see my new crafts?


Blogging tips....

{Guest post from Nasia

Hello my friends!!!

You know I love fashion, but mostly I love reading about fashion that is not the usual trends of the season, but also alternative proposals and not only. One of my favorite blogs is a blog owned by two friends Nasia and Maria.

Today I am honored to have a great post full of tips from Nasia!


Όταν ξεκινήσαμε το blog μας με τη φίλη μου τη Μαρία το 2012 ήταν για μας ένα inside joke.Κάτι που το δημιουργήσαμε απλά για να το μοιραζόμαστε και να διασκεδάζουμε βλέποντας τα άρθρα μας δημοσιευμένα.Ο τίτλος του blog "get a loca life" δείχνει ακριβώς αυτή τη διάθεση που είχαμε τότε και διατηρούμε μέχρι και σήμερα : Να περνάμε τις ώρες μας όμορφα, δημιουργικά και να βλέπουμε τα πράγματα αισιόδοξα και λίγο ανέμελα.


Inspiration: Coffee in Paris Necklace

I have never been in Paris or in France, and this trip is a dream for me...hopefully we will do it in the next years. However, I do not know why, I consider France a really romantic place and with a shabby chic aroma!

Δεν έχω ποτέ πάει στο Παρίσι, ούτε έχω επισκεφτεί τη Γαλλία και το ταξίδι αυτό είναι σαν όνειρο για μένα...ευελπιστώ να το κάνουμε κάποια στιγμη στο μέλλον. Όπως και να έχει όμως, θεωρώ τη Γαλλία ως ένα πολύ ρομαντικό προορισμό και με ένα "shabby chic" άρωμα!

Giveaway Winner - Dimitra the Alpaca specialist!

Hello my friends!

Another amazing giveaway ended and I am really glad that many of you liked Dimitra's creations. Also I am really glad to read more about this lovely lady, her inspirations, her dreams...something unknown to me. 

So now is the time to pick a Winner that wins the gorgeous one of a kind necklace from DimitrART collection!


Let's talk about panties....

Friday is already here and even thought it is a rainy day, I am in a really funny mode and I want to talk about panties! As you may understand, this post is dedicated to three really special blog friends...

Παρασκευή κιόλας και αν και βρέχει, η διάθεση μου είναι γεμάτη χιουμορ και έτοιμη να "πειράξω"...οπότε ας μιλήσουμε για βρακια! Όπως καταλαβαίνετε, η αναρτηση αυτή είναι αφιερωμένη σε τρεις αγαπημένες μπλογκφίλες....

panties types


Coffee Break... and Chat #33


Τι κάνουμε; Μπήκαμε σε ρυθμό Φθινοπώρου ή ακόμα;;; Πάντως τα πρώτα μαγαζια με τα χριστουγεννιάτικα έσκασαν μύτη... Για παμε όμως εμεις για το καφεδακι μας.