Seductive in Black....

Hello my friends!!!

I love black color! An all time classic color and can be combined with anything or everything! Depending from your accessories or outwear or even the jackets you use, the black can be sexy or elegant or with a black magic or even casual...

And what is best than a black stretched mini dress? I think many of the women have such a dress in their wardrobe and in case you are not one of them, now is the time to get one for yourself. 

Jewel Neck Cocktail Dress with Illusion Embellishment

Black dress with gold details is always one of my favorite outfits especially for Christmas eve and for any special occasion. An elegant outfit, with two classic colors. "Secret" details are always add a sparkle in the outfit, like the golden heels. Just do not overdo it with your make up. A golden eye shadow with a neutral or in pastel tones lip gloss, will be just perfect to highlight your eyes and your beautiful details. 

Black Dress with Gold Accessories

Red...and especially passion red...I love this combination. Passion Red with Black...so sexy and always in fashion. A Clutch Bag with animal print will complete this outfit. Use a red lipstick and just highlight your eyes with a black mascara and you will be the star of the party!

Black and Red Passion

My last suggestion is something more unique and totally modern...but still one of my favorites. An outfit modern, but girly at the same time, with amazing neon yellow details that definately add a sparkle in your appearence. And I love the shoes in the specific outfit... just the perfect example how the geometric patterns can be matched perfectly with neon colors and creating this gorgeous pair of shoes. Add monochrome yellow accessories or a jacket and modern minimal jewels and you will rock.

Black Dress with geometric and neon details

I am pretty sure that there are thousands combinations with more amazing colors and the specific gorgeous dress. After all every woman has her own unique style and fashion taste. With neon colors or classic colors or even monochrome black, this dress is a must have piece in your wardrobe. And guess what... DresSale is offering it with a huge offer...70% discount!!!! So hurry up...click here and get one for yourself! A great gift that you will enjoy for sure!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Coffee Break...and Chat #7

Good Morning!!!

Are you ready for another fun Coffee Break and chat party??? Grab your coffee, juice, tea or whatever and relax...today the party is hosted by Eleana in her blog with an amazing new question..... are you curious?

Click HERE to enter...join us and have a great time!!!

         mats mouts

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Ombre Embroidered Canvas

Hello my friends!!!

Are you ready for Easter??? Well I am not...

Anyway...remember my good friends that got married last weekend? I have already posted a tutorial for the Wishing Card I made with Washi tape, so now is the time to see my first present. An ombre Embroidered canvas for their bedroom! And I got his idea from my friend Maria and her amazing creations on small canvas!


Lenten Cake with Chocolate and Raisins!!!!

Hello my friends!!!

Easter is almost here and of course for the most of us this week is a week for Lenten! But at the same time we can enjoy a delicious cake with chocolate and raisins inspired by the recipe here...so are you ready?


Monday Moodboard: Bunnies and Eggs everywhere!!!

Hello my friends!!!

Happy Monday and Happy New week!!! How was your weekend? mine? full of beautiful moments with my family...we enjoyed a birthday party, a coffee with great friends and a theater with my daughter... and we started the preparations for Easter!!!


Mint Lover....

Hello my friends!!!

Another Friday is already here and really soon also the weekend. So let's prepare for the exodus we might have with friends and not only....

Have I told you that I am a fan of mint???? I love this color! 

It can be combined with white and create a wonderful casual outfit perfect for the Summer


Coffee Break... and Chat #6


Are you ready for another funny chat and hangout with blogger friends????

Please let me summarize up the rules... actually there are no rules just tips:

-  This game/chat party is opened to everyone, even if you are not a blogger. Use another social link if you wish or just join us for a chat!
-  Please feel free to add a comment in Greek or in English...no worries
- Please add you comment regarding the chat's question. This is mainly a chat party and not a link party. If you are not comment, your link will be removed.
- Backlinks to your blog or social media (in case you are not a blogger), are always welcome!
- You may comment other people stories...this is a chat remember?
- None is forced to follow others! However it would be nice if you just visit each other blogs...who knows...you might like what you read!
- If you would like to suggest a question for this game, please feel free to do it. We are having a coffee and we are discussing like friends :) 
Finally, a board about the game is created in pinterest called Coffee Break and Chat. Every link of you in the game it will be pinned in the board. If you wish you may follow it!

Last week the party took place on Akamatras blog and her spicy question made us laugh a lot! Thank you Maro! 
 Next week's game will be hosted to a Home full of Memories by Eleanna in the amazing Cyprus! The link of the game in my blog will automatically lead to the game of the host's blog. If you wish to be a host , please email me at ef.zin.creations@gmail.com. The point of doing that is to meet more blogs and to have more people to join the game, because it is fun to chat and having conversations with blogger friends.

Now let's start. 

The question for this week is.....

Let's see how honest can you be and have some laugh today also!

And of course please do not forget to link up one of your favorite posts....

Can't wait to read your comments...let me have my coffee and let's chat!!!
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Washi Tape Wishing Card

Hello my friends!!!

I have already informed you that I have a few tutorials to share, since I have made a few handmade gifts to my beloved friends that got married the past Saturday. And I would like to start with a wishing card, really easy to make it and of course with plenty colors!


Spring Lovers Game!!!!


καιρο ειχα να γραψω στα Ελληνικα ποστακι, οποτε θα το διασκεδασω!!! Βεβαια μην περιμενετε κ τονους... γραφω με τοn μπεμπη αγκαλια! Λατρευω την Ανοιξη και αγαπω τη Βασω απο το i-messy που μου εκανε πασα το παιχνιδι...και φυσικα δε μπορω να της κακισω μια κ ειναι στην αγονη γραμμη, μανα με ενα γλυκο τερατακι σαν κ το δικο μου!!!! 

Φυσικα εκτος απο τη Βασω με τιμησε με χωσιμο και μια νεα αγαπημενη φιλη απο την συπρωτευουσα που ομως δεν εχει στειλει ακομα κανενα λαχταριστο τριγωνακι με κρεμα...μονο βαλιτσες φτιαχνει...την Αλεκα φυσικα απο το AlekaCraftaholic!!!


Flat shoes... just perfect!

Hello my friends!!!

Happy Saturday! It s really hot again today and I have too many things to do. That's why the most usual style of shoes I have in my wardrobe are the flat shoes... especially now with the second baby!

Not only there are really comfortable, but I can find the style I like and in many colors perfect for the Spring and Summer outfit. And where is the best place to find them??? In Dressale of course! I have visited Dressale and I have to say that I couldn't choose which one is my favorite. That's why I have selected a few to share them with you...


Coffee Break...and Chat #5

Good Morning!!!

Are you ready for another fun Coffee Break and chat party??? Grab your coffee, juice, tea or whatever and relax...today the party is hosted by Akamatra in her blog with an amazing new question..... are you curious?

Click HERE to enter...join us and have a great time!!!

         mats mouts

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Mini "Thank You" Cards

Hello my friends!!!

Happy New Month!!! 

And I wanted to start blogging the new month with a new tutorial, a diy easy to be done by everyone! Create your own mini "thank you" cards, perfect for a gift or for your business or even you can use it as mini wishing cards!