I am sleepless...and no I wasn't out for a drink or for cinema or whatever. My prince got up at 4 o'clock in the morning and he was having fun! laughing and singing!!! But guess, this was not funny for me at all! Anyway, I have a few beautiful items to share with you this week and all of them full of color! Spring is here!!! Yea!!! no rain today!!!


Orange and Chocolate Cupcakes!!!!

It was about time to have another recipe on my blog. I couldn't post any so far, not because I do not cook (even thought I wish I could have a personal chef in my home...dream on) but because now that we are four, I cook in high speed and we eat them even faster...so no time for photo. But ok... I managed to photo shoot my favorite Orange muffins with dark chocolate drops! Yummy and easy to cook them!

Καιρός ήταν να γραψω και καμια συνταγη στο blog. Δεν μπορούσα να ανρτησω καμια τοσο καιρό όχι γιατι δε μαγειρευω (αν και θα ήθελα πολύ έναν προσωπικο μαγειρα στο σπίτι...καλα ονειρεψου) αλλά γιατί τώρα που ειμαστε τεσσερις, μαγειρεύω σε υψηλές ταχύτητες και τα τρώμε σε ακόμα μεγαλύτερες..οπότε όχι καιρός για φωτογραφίες. Αλλα ενταξει... κατάφερα να φωτογραφίσω τα αγαπημενα μου κεικακια με πορτοκάλι και σταγόνες μαυρης σοκολάτας! Πεντανόστιμα και εύκολα να τα ετοιμάσετε! 


DIY Gorgeous Paper Flowers

{Guest Post from Eleftheria}

It might be officially Spring here, but the weather is not convincing. So we've decided to bring Spring and flowers closer with a handmade bouquet with paper flowers. I have already tried in the past many ways to create flowers from paper, and I have concluded to this easy craft.

Μπορεί επίσημα να έχει έρθει η Άνοιξη αλλά ο καιρός απέχει ακόμη από το να χαρακτηριστεί ανοιξιάτικος. Εμείς είπαμε να φέρουμε την εποχή της ανθοφορίας ένα βήμα πιο κοντά με ένα μπουκέτο από χάρτινα λουλούδια. Έχοντας δοκιμάσει και παλαιότερα διάφορους τρόπους να φτιάξω χάρτινα λουλούδια, κατέληξα τελικά σε αυτή την εύκολη κατασκευή.

Coffee Break... and Chat #53

Καλημέρες κουκλες!!!

Έτοιμο και σήμερα το καφεδακι! Μπορει εξω παλι να εχει συννεφια, αλλα εμεις ειμαστε ετοιμες να γελασουμε και παλι...ετσι; Για περαστε, για περαστε!!! Η Μαρω μας φιλοξενει...και αν σκεφτειτε τι ερωτηση ειχε βαλει την προηγουμενη φορα...ωχ αμαν! Για περαστε!!!


Aroma from Greece!!!

1. Bracelet 2. Bow Ring 3. Myconos Photo 4. Necklace
5.Dolphin Necklace 6. Shoes 7. Door Photo

Tomorrow is a National Holiday for my country and I consider it as a great opportunity to realize once more in what country we live. Yes, there are huge problems and life is not that easy any more. The problems are too many that we forget to laugh, we forget to enjoy simple moments, we forget how beautiful is our country. And it is sad to see what is the opinion that other countries have for Greeks. We are people like everyone in this world and we make mistakes…who doesn’t ? But again there are so many good things to find on us…hospitality, cordiality, humor, earnest…simple people that we used to love life, to enjoy the sea the sun the nature, that we laugh loudly, that we drink and enjoy delicious food and we share everything we have with friends and not only. I love my country and I am really sad and mad about the situation of the past years. But I try also to be optimistic…and I hope that we will survive and we will became again the happy people that we used to be.


Instagram Project : Wrap Ideas

I am still on experiments regarding the wrap of EfZin jewels. Every time I have something  new to create and make it as a gift, I have another idea and I do try something different. Then photo shoot them and share them again on  Instagram, in order to see them later and decide what I like best.  New washi tapes, new tiny paper schemas (lately I got also tiny paper punchers with flower and butterfly and castle and a crown!) , new jewelry boxes and my favorite recycle paper small bags which I close them with paper lace! Still I have not decided what to use more, but I guess it is up to the jewel, the person who will receive it and of course due to my mood!



Let's show our love to nature!!!


This giveaway will help you be "greener" and save some "green".


Essence Longlasting Lipstick - NUDE 03 Came Naturally

I have to say that lately...perhaps due to the incoming spring, I begun to pay more attention to myself. I am tired of being indoors due to the winter and since I am back to work, I found that to be a good chance to renew and organize my cosmetics, the products I use on me and everything that have to do with my Ego! In general, I don't spend much on cosmetics ( my friends know this) so I want a few and good things. I want to have what I consider to be good, meaning to be able to use my cosmetics without fear!

Πρέπει να το ομολογησω...τελευταια λογω ισως και της αναμονης της Ανοιξης, αρχισα να ασχολουμαι περισσοτερο με τον εαυτο μου. Κουραστηκα την κλεισουρα του Χειμωνα και μια και γυρισα και στη δουλεια είναι μια καλη ευκαιρια να αναναιωσω και οργανωσω τα καλλυντικα μου, τα προιοντα περιποιησης μου και γενικα οτι αφορα το Εγω μου! Δεν ειμαι γενικα ανθρωπος που ξοδευω πολλα σε καλλυντικα (οι φιλες μου το ξερουν ηδη ) οποτε θελω λιγα και καλα να εχω, αυτο που εγω θεωρω καλο...δηλ να τα χρησιμοποιω χωρις φοβο και πάθος!

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