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Hello my friends!!

Valentine’s day passed and I hope you had a great time! Of course I truly believe that everyday should celebrate Valentine’s day! We can and we must celebrate every kind of love continuously! Love for our men or women, for the kids, for the nature, for friends….and love for handmade! Anything handmade, since it is something that we create with love, passion and imagination!


So today I am honored to have a great etsy friend in my blog. Please let me introduce you Dori from HunkiiDorii!!!!

She might be an “etsy” friend but I always felt that I know her from the past. She is a lady with a girly heart, always optimistic, a nature and life lover and always having a great smile. A lady like her, could not create something less of masterpieces. I tried hard to select a few photos with her creations to post here, but to be honest, I love all of her creations. One of a kind polymer clay creations!

Here is a small interview of Dori.

Hi all, this is Dori from Budapest, Hungary.

I guess no matter how much I would like I can't get away from creating :D. I've tried my hand at many things, beginning very early with paper creations, later continuing with beads, wire jewelry, sewing, felting and loads of other stuff, but I never thought I would actually make things to sell. Sometimes I still don't think... :D

Anyway, polymer clay is my material of choice for the time being, probably because it is so versatile and isn't as time-consuming as working with many other materials. Although that is not entirely true, but maybe what I mean is that it can be left alone for a while before actually finishing it, and still see some results (such as pieces of a necklace or beads or tiles for instance). I also like it that if I'm not happy with what I've just made I can start again. I've always had this dread of either not being able to finish a piece (for instance when I sewed) or creating something I didn't like. And then what? :O This is totally the nature of things and that is how we all learn, so I shouldn't be so squeamish about it but I am, and with clay this feeling is somewhat lessened.

The reason why I do it is actually because I love doing it :D. And I sell or give away the pieces because first of all, I couldn't afford all that raw material (clay is pretty expensive, and so is electricity) and tools and things, and secondly, I have no room to store it all. Plus - and not the least at all - I love it that others like what I make, too. I have quite a lot of self-doubt, especially about certain pieces, but when I have a piece that I really like and others do, too, that is such a great feeling.

10 random things about me - in no particular order or importance or significance:

1. Zina is my crazy Greek friend who always shouts my head down in the morning in her Etsy convos :D You can't not love her! :D

2. I like cooking. Except when I have to :P

3. I don't like grumpy people (except Grumpy Cat :D) so when I see one I will them to be happy. And they usually obey, the unsuspecting muggles!

4. I buy loads of hand lotion because I need to wash my hands all the time while claying and the water makes them dry.

5. I'm afraid I'll never run out of ideas, even though sometimes I would very much like to, just for a little while...

6. I'm a spinning top. But sometimes a spinning top needs its rest, too.

7. I teach English to adults.

8. I once made one of my adult groups create marzipan figurines to illustrate a story we were listening to. I'd been a bit nervous they wouldn't want to but they enjoyed it more than me! Then I ate all their creations.

9. I didn't actually eat all their creations, only a goat and a chicken. They ate the rest themselves. :D

10. I love laughing a little too much...


Dori was kind to offer a great necklace from her collection as a gift to one lucky lady. She propably should offer chocolate...but ok... she prefered a polymer creation... I prefer it also...nah... she is a great cook (I think) :)

So in order to have the chance to win this beautiful necklace, just use the Rafflecopter below and earn more entries." rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you Dori... You’ve made my day :)

Good Luck!


  1. So beautiful creations! I love Gold choker necklace Egyptian style

    Great Work!

    Maria Nikol (

  2. Amazing work!Thank you for this giveaway!
    I love this one:

  3. Great work
    My favorite creation from Dori's shop :

  4. It's hard to choose one favorite creation from Dori's shop :)
    So I'd say this one


  5. So beautiful creations!
    And my favourite is this one!!

  6. The most beautiful and quirky jewellery! :)
    my favourite item is

  7. beautiful creations from dori!
    my favorite from her shop is this one
    thank you for the giveaway!

  8. The crochet clay bib is my favourite!I love blue and crochet!AriadnefromGreece!

  9. Thank you so much Zina and everyone :)))

    1. It is my honor Dori! glad to have you in my blog :)

  10. I love all items on her shop. But my favorite is this

  11. amazing crafter! great giveaway!

    one of my favotites is this one

    keep crafting!!!


  12. Great artist! I love the combination of polymer clay with lace like in this piece: Thanks for the opportunity to win one of the lovely creations and thanks for sharing Zina!

  13. my favourite item is

  14. i think the blue and white braided pendant is my fav.

  15. My favorite is:

  16. i love this necklace:

  17. i love this one, great work

  18. I love everything, but my fave is the Blue-white braided pendant necklace navy blue polymer clay braided necklace nautical small fashion necklace!

  19. I love this, it's so pretty! -
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Love -

  21. so talanted!
    great creations and sweet interview!

  22. It's so beautiful, i like it a lot!
    Congratulations !!!!

  23. I love everything but most the Olive green dangle earrings Mozart Kugeln leaf earrings

    Beautiful work

  24. I love the Faux Jade statement necklace polymer clay green bronze asymmetrical bib necklace art nouveau style

  25. Dori is amazing, thank you Zina for the giveaway!
    I was excited to learn that we are colleagues (I'm an English teacher, too!)
    One of my favorite creations is

  26. Such nice refreshing designs!Εύγε!!

    I mostly loved the Spikes!!

    email: fanouria20(at)

  27. Dori's jewelry is lovely!
    This is one of my favourite creations
    Thanks you Zina and Dori!

  28. It is hard to choose only one -

  29. Amazing creations by the SO talented Dori!!
    I'm torned between many of her creations, but if I had to choose one, this would be it:

  30. I love this giveaway for many reasons! One of which is the friendship between Dori and Zina. The second is the prize! I love it!!!!

  31. I really like this

  32. great creations, congratulations!

  33. I love pretty much everything... Most of all I love these wonderful earings

    Thanks so much for this giveaway, girls..!!!!! xx

  34. I like this:

  35. Great creations!
    My favorite one!/magda.doulgeridou/posts/161986967286125

  36. chunky and clay if i must choose :)))

  37. I like:


    You can follow my blog here:

  38. I like:

    debyeo at hotmail dot com

  39. I love the large statement necklace "Spikes"

    hrfarley at gmail dot com

  40. Love the Collar bib statement necklace Green turquoise gold art deco art nouveau inspired polymer clay choker necklace Klimt-inspired.

  41. I love this one

    Good luck everybody!


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