Lemon Yoghurt Dessert

Hello my friends!!!

It was about time to be back In my blog, but to be honest I will not be really active as I was before due to real life issues. I will try to update it with new interested (as always) posts, but not as often as before. Hopefully in a month I will be back “in business”!

So today I would like to share with you a delicious recipe, really fast to make it and really easy. What will you need? Only four materials and 10min of your time. And I promise the result is really yummy and perfect for those who love to eat something refreshing during Summer or people who do not love chocolate or to sweat desserts!

So… what will you need:
-     - 1kgr yoghurt  (I prefer drained yoghurt)
-     - 2 lemons ( juice from 2 lemons and shavings from 1 lemon)
-     - 1 box of biscuits ( I like Digestive)
-     - 1 box of condensed milk

In a small baking pan or a bowl  crumble the biscuits.

In a bowl add the condensed milk and mix it with the lemon juice and the lemon shavings.

Add the crème above your biscuits and put the bowl/pan into the refrigerator for almost 30min.

Your dessert is ready to enjoy it!!!! If you wish it to be more intense, just use more lemon!

Buone Appetite!!!

      mats mouts
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  1. aaa paneukolo!tha to kanw!!!!!
    ps kanoniko gala i zaxarouxo?

  2. ζαχαρούχο!!! ειναι ευκολο και πολυ νοστιμο. και αν θες αντι για λεμονι μπορεις να το δοκιμασεις με πορτοκάλι!!!

    καλη επιτυχία :)

    1. oxi oxi latreuw lemonaki!!tha to dokimasw autes tis meres kai tha sou grapsw pws pige!hahahah!!

  3. Yummy yummy!
    I will definately try it Zina!
    Seems to be easy enough even for me!

  4. ok...this is easy and looks delicious! I love lemon!!! I will try it!

    Thank you for sharing it :)

  5. yogurt and lemon? I have to try it !

  6. Hi Zina, this sounds very similar to one I've been making for ages (won't say how long as it will give my age away....!!) that I had in an old Kenwood Blender book (for those not here in the UK, Kenwood make food mixers, processors + blenders - amongst other things!) but mine is made using ginger nut biscuits which also go very nicely with the lemons + condensed milk and also contained double or whipping cream (very naughty I know but very nice + yummy)and the biscuits were processed down to crumbs, so it was more like a cheesecake but I'm really liking your idea of leaving the biscuits in chunks, so might try that out next time!
    Sending best wishes from Warwickshire over here in the UK!

    1. this sounds really yummy! I will try it.

      thank you for stopping by :)


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