My beloved town... Agios Nikolaos!!!!

Hello my friends!

At last I have in my hands (or should I say in my pc…) the pictures I took from my home town almost a month ago, when I was on family Easter’s vacation. We were lucky since during that week in my beloved island the weather was almost like Summer, really sunny and really hot!

My home town is not a big one, actually it can be considered as a small one, but it is really beautiful with amazing beaches, unique corners and natural beauty that will definitely be loved. Even though Crete is a big island,  when you are in Agios Nikolaos you can truly realize that you are in an island… every step drives you to the sea and the blue color is all around. Sky ends where sea starts. 

One thing that I love in my place is that you can also visit other adorable places near the main town, like Elounda or Plaka. And even though these two villages are really close to Agios Nikolas, they look very different. In Elounda the sea is not deep, you can enjoy the  fresh air full of the smells from the sea and have a drink just next to the beach. 

On the other hand Plaka is a short trip to the past. Beautiful houses from stone with Cretan architecture and Spinalonga island just a mile away. If you close your eyes you can “hear” the voices of the people that leaved there….

I love my town, I love the people, my friends are still there. People are simple, with great hospitality and a great sense of humor. Have a cup of coffee with them or a raki and you will definitely feel that you knew them since ever.

When the day ends... the colors are simple amazing! I love to sit and admire them, while I am dreaming and this is exactly the perfect way to think what this day brought and leave behind the problems. A beautiful night is coming and soon a new day. 

One of the jokes here in Greece is about Cretans and how much they love their island… I adore it, not just love it. I know that when I am there I laugh, I enjoy life, I meet good friends, I smile without being anxious and I relax by the sea. I live well… Ef Zin :)

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  1. Welcome to beautiful Greece!!!

  2. It does look like a beautiful place to be!

  3. Beautiful! I would love to go there someday.

  4. Wow!!! What a beautiful place to be!! Your pics are gorgeous! I found your blog through the Click and Comment Etsy Team.
    Have a great week

  5. Hi Zina,'Oh such a beautiful town! I enjoy your description about the people - they make the soul of the city ... oh I'd love to visit your town! The "calamares" hanging to dry - a fabulous Photo! You know, I need to make a Pin-board that is called "Places I'd love to visit" - thanks be to your post ... I'm dwelling in the blue sea, the Mountains, the narrow streets ... Lovely!
    Thank you for joining to 4 Ways Photography Challenge,
    Nina xxx


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