Simple Life.....

It is weird how easily and how often all of us forget to live our lives and simple enjoy it. It is true that lately I was so tired because of real life issues, that made me want to whine all the time, to be nervous and not to have the proper mood to do anything at all. Does this sound familiar????

But yesterday a couple of issues in my friends’ life made me to “wake up” and to realize that life is small and that we are not going to have a second opportunity to enjoy things.

So I started my day, trying to figure out how simple things can make my mood better and observe them. Almost every morning I follow the same program, wake up, prepare the kid and then walk for about 15min to get to the bus that will take me to my office. And every day the walking part was a nightmare! But today I enjoyed my walk! Why?

Let me give you an idea…

Almost a kilometer away from my home, there is a small, tiny park with beautiful trees, a park that unfortunately is not something usual here in Athens. Beautiful trees, with great colors that are trying to avoid the winter and waiting for the Spring to come!

I continued on and the next thing I saw was how amazing is the sun in Greece! Even in the winter time! Actually, this is something that I adore in my country. Just look up the sky and watch the sun and the clouds passing by and dream that you can catch them! Isn’t that a great feeling? That will definitely make your day!

Last stop before I get on the bus… a sightseeing of Athens! Well even this city can be pretty sometimes!

After 40min I am in the office. Preparing a coffee, one of my greatest pleasures, and I am ready to work. Ok… where is my cookie?

Hmmm… very emotional post, but I like it! Actually this short walk just made my day! It is great just to enjoy everything!!!!

To be honest this post created yesterday with a beautiful sunny day! Today we have a rainy day, but feelings are the same. I did the same short walk to reach the bus and the same pictures were still beautiful even under the grey sky. A while before my walk end, I saw the same sky full of clouds and the sun was trying to appear via a tiny whole. I smiled and spontaneously I closed my umbrella. I felt the rain in my face and it was great. It was like the rain was trying to take away all of my problems and bad thoughts and I felt relieved.
Because there is Always sun after the rain behind the clouds! So, Smile! Your real friends will be happy for you and the people that are pretending will worry… so just smile, makes things easier. :)
I would love you to share with me your simple, enjoyable pleasures! Can't wait....

PS… Is there any way to dry off my clothes????


  1. You made us smile! Goodmorning!

  2. Wonderful article Zina! It's great to get to know you a bit better!

  3. Definitely brought out a big bright smile on my face!! Thank you my darling friend.... ♥

  4. Zinaaa, love this post! I love walking almost anywhere, and yes, it can make your whole day so different if you look at things differently. I love sunny winter days. we also have lots of sunshine in Hungary, but this winter has been incredibly grey, I don't know why. But at least we've had loads of snow, so I enjoy that instead. And the rain can be awesome sometimes. How to dry your clothes? Take them off? I'm sure you will immediately cheer up the office! :DDD

    Sending you lots of love :)))

    1. hahaha Dori you are amazing!!! ok... I will take them off and I will send you photos from my colleagues faces :p

  5. lovely post! I love the photos!
    I' ll try to find a way to brighten up my days as well!

  6. Honey, you are right on the money! Good for you and lucky us for having you share this great reminder of enjoying everyday no matter how grey the sky is!
    One of the things that makes my day regardless of how grey the weather and the mood is, is the fact that I have my hubby as a company on my way to work! So instead of looking out the grey sky, I turn my head and look at him! I immediately feel better !

  7. Ah, I would love to visit Greece some day. There is much beauty in simplicity, isn't there? Beautiful photos. =0)
    I am a new GFC follower, here from the Busy Moms team. I would also like to invite you to a blog hop I co-host each weekend.
    Hope to see you there!

    1. Thank you Kim. I will definitely visit it!

      thank you for the invitation... and yes Greece is absolutely beautiful. :)


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