A small walk full of tastes!!!!

It was such a beautiful weekend, the one that already passed. I had the chance to have a short walk in Athen's center and having lunch and of course a coffee with a sweet after. So instead of posting here photos from beautiful houses and streets and amazing pictures from unsuspected people (actually this is something easy to do and I am going to do it in the near future) I have decided to travel you to delicious plates and favorites tastes!

So please take your sit and enjoy a small but full of aroma and tastes trip!

When you are in the center there are too many small and old shops full of gourmands! One of my favorite shop sells marsh-mellows ,lollipops, peanuts, roasted chick-peas, almonds and many other lickerishs. I always stop by to buy a few of them for my daughter, but this time I just saw an amazing sweet!!! Handmade chocolate with almonds but a huge one!!! Almost 5kilos!!!! Amazing? You buy one and you can eat it for a year…

Since it is already noon, we have decided to have a “small” launch… ok..Greeks eat a lot especially if you have great company and a cold beer or wine. So here are a couple of the dishes we taste! Meatballs with tomato hot sauce, paprika and red paper and the second one giros meat with smashed aubergine and grilled vegetables and of course pitta bread! Both of them were just amazing!!!

Our favorite tavern is just next to our favorite cafĂ© that serves amazing sweets all of them handmade (funny ha?). So, we finished our “small” meal, with a great sweet and of course coffee! The Chocolate of the Lovers… a cake full of chocolate and of course amazing vanilla ice cream, the Chocolate Dish – a small bowl with amazing dark and milk chocolate and last but not least mastic ice cream with ekmek kadaifi!

Wow! Amazing how the coffee can be better if you taste it with chocolate or vanilla or any sweet!!!!!

ok... Next time I will post photos from my walk instead of the food!

Buon Appetite….  :)


  1. What a yummy post!!!!
    Thanks for sharing Zina!

  2. I'm never coming to your blog again!!!!!!! >/ (*furious threatening face*)


    (What's that chocolatey awesomeness???? And what is "mastic ice cream with ekmek kadaifi"? Never mind. I don't want to know!)


    1. you will come to my blog again..I am sure for that!!! Come to Greece Dori and I WILL take you there to eat every single chocolate and ekmek and ice cream!!!


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