Fashion Trends : Mint Green No2

A fashion report by Pineza

Last week’s fashion report was dedicated to mint green. Since spring means pastels and 2013 is all about them, I decided to continue with this fashion tension for once more!
The most crucial question is how to incorporate pastels in our wardrobes and not look like we
are going to an Easter parade! The answer is simple! Follow the tips below and do not overdo
it if you are not sure for the result!

I have chosen a key piece in the first two sets that can be worn all day long and moreover can be combined with clothes and accessories, that you already included in most wardrobes.

Office Outfit
The easiest and most guarantied way to wear pastel tones is to mix them with neutral ones.
Beige and natural shades will help you balance the girly, extra sweet nature of pastels.

 Casual Everyday Outfit
A great way to wear pastel is to combine a pastel pair of jean with a plain white or even black
top. If you still hesitate to get this look, you can combine your favorite blue jeans with a pastel light sweater and your favorite girly sneakers from past years!

 Spring night walks
If you get anxious about your lovely blacks in your wardrobe, do not worry about! Pastel can
always be used separately with full black attire. Add to your little black dress look a pastel
accessory or a statement jewelry piece and create an amazing look. Alternatively, if you
reconsider about pastel jeans, try to wear them with your favorite black leather jacket and
your all time classic pumps. Add some extra pastel details from your beauty case and ready!

Finally, do not forget that the most secure way to incorporate new season’s trends for less is to accessorize your beloved clothes with handmade pieces from etsy!


  1. Love your tips girls!
    Honestly, I get tired reading so many reports about fashion, that cannot be followed if you are not at least a model!

  2. of course it's my longest comment that disappers.... grrrr

    Anyway, just wanted to say that these outfits are so springy ;), I wish I could wear such light clothing soon. And thank you for giving a little love to my necklace, she was soooo lonely :)

    Mats mouts


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