Monday MoodBoard - Floral Mood

The past weekend my little girl was sick, so despite the fact that here in Greece today is a religion holiday, unfortunately we could not go the short excursion we have planned. No problem at all, since it is better to stay at home and have my sweet Nefeli feeling better.

So instead of sitting in the house and just drawing or playing with the dolls, I bought a few small plants that my Nefeli helped me to dibble. We do have a great time in our small balcony, full of smiles and laughs and yes our mood improved. So what if we stayed inside? I was with people I love and we had a beautiful moments!

That's why my moodboard today is full of flowers..... 

If you want to check more moodboards, please click on Estella's blogSorry but I have to go...Nefeli is waiting for me to finish the dibbling!

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Have a wonderful new week! 


  1. So beautiful moodboard! Thank you for adding my floral brooch here :)

  2. What a lovely way to cheer up your sick Nefeli!!! Give her a big kiss from me!

  3. It's great that your little one is feeling better.
    Gardening on the balcony is always fun.
    Have a great week!

  4. Aww I hope your daughter will feel better soon :) So beautiful moodboard :)

  5. lovely :-)
    thanks a lot and lot of healing vibes to your doughter <3

  6. So lovely! Healing vibes to your daughter ♥

  7. unconventional flowers:)

  8. Beautiful - happy to hear your little girl is feeling better!!

  9. I hope your little girl will be better soon! Time with family its the best way to spend time!)))
    All the best!


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