Fashion Trends - Polka Dots No2!

Good Morning My friends!!!

Friday today and the weekend is sooooo close! Let;s take a look what to wear these days. And since the previous week we had Polka dots...guess... we also have polka dots today! 

What to wear for a Friday night walk with friends? What is best from black and white cloths with polka dots details and of course accessories in monochrome black? A red, a passion red outewear will give you a spark!

It is not necessary to wear only black and white, so if you need colors in your appearance  you can find more adorable shirts with dots in different colors. A great combination always in fashion is red and white. Compare them with your blue jeans pants and use white sandals and a beautiful bag in bowling style. You need more color? just complete your outfit with monochrome jewelry in passion red. 

Polka Dots can be wearied perfectly for your office outfit or for a cocktail appearance or even for a simple dinner with friends. A beautiful 60's fashion dress with a cute leather belt and of course minimal and delegate accessories will create a beautiful outfit. Ballerina shoes will make your outfit more... petite!

Just do not forget that Polka dots are always in fashion! You can find them in many colors and schemas! Combine them with monochrome accessories and your outfits will be just adorable!

Happy weekend!

ps. For more Friday night Outfit suggestions, just visit Estella's blog!


  1. Polka dots AGAIN?! :D They are always welcome :)

    Thanks a lot, Zina, the outfits are very cool!

  2. My favorite subject!!!! :-)
    thank you!!!

  3. Love polka dots!
    The second outfit is for me :)

  4. Fantastic. My favourite is the middle one with the red blouse ♥

  5. I just bought a polka dot dress for my sister's wedding!!!

    My bow looks awesome in your collection, btw, thank you!


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