This Week's Favorites - Greek Easter

Good Morning my friends!

Easter is near for the Greeks and it is just amazing how many beautiful creations, recipes, pictures you can admire this period. What I love most about Easter? Holiday time, spending it with great friends, having a cup of coffee and laughing. Too many manners and customs, too many sweets and amazing dishes, too many aromas and of course the last minutes purchases the gifts for our god children! 

Last but not Least...Spring is here and the weather is (sometimes) hot enough to reminds you that Summer also is not away.... 

So my finds....are....

Happy Week and Get ready for Easter!!!!


  1. All lovely choices, thank you for sharing them with us!! ... and for incuding my Greek Easter Giveaway, sweet friend! <3 ;-))
    May we all have a Happy Easter!!

  2. lovely post!
    thank you for including me!


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