Fashion Trends - Color Blocking No 2

Good Morning my friends!

Friday is already here!!! wow...time goes by so fast sometimes! Today there are two different posts in my blog since Fashion Trends are up and also my first blog hop as a co-host! For the second one, I am really honored and it will be a great experience to join this party and meet other bloggers!

So lets see... on previous week my friend Vasso from PinezaJewelry started a beautiful Fashion Trends post for Color Blocking. She also shared with us a few tips about it. I decided to continue with this topic also today, but I have a common color for my three outfits...and this is orange! Maybe one of the greatest colors for this period but it is also a beautiful color for Autumn...or Spring...even for winter! 

A beautiful idea for your Friday exodus is always an outfit with two bright colors. Use a monochrome dress and combine it with also monochrome accessories from another bright color...Monaco Blue for example!

1.Dress 2.Earrings 3.Bracelet 4.Shoes

Floral is always in fashion, so a beautiful maxi dress with  big and bold print can be perfect for a romantic outfit that actually is not that romantic... you will definitely be the center of the party! Use accessories of the floral print's color and if you want to give a spark in your appearence, use them in neon or with stardust shades.

1.Earrings 2.Bracelet

For a more casual appearance that at the same time remains elegant and with a romantic tone, you may use monochrome cloths and accessories, not necessary in the same colors. Just keep in mind not to use more than three colors  if you do not want your outfit to became very "bold". Use a parse that will combine all the three colors and it will definitely bring a hippie and unique note in your appearance! 

1.Ring 2.Necklace 3.Earrings

Have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend!!!!

PS .... Just do not forget our Giveaway! Finally  for more Friday night Outfit suggestions, just visit Estella's blog!

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  1. The "Fashion Trends" is very good, just love your dresses.

  2. Beautiful! I chose the last!!

  3. Fun outfits, and I adore that second dress!

  4. Love the bombastic color combos! Thanks a lot for including my earrings :) My favorite is the second outfit I think, but it's hard to choose, really...


  5. Fabulous outfits, thanks for playing :)

  6. I like the red and purple. Fresh combo.


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