Fashion Trends - Color Blocking

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How was your week? Friday today and I hope you will have a wonderful Friday Night exodus and a great Saturday one. 

For this week's post I have a great help (actually the whole text is written by her) from my friend Vasso from PinezaJewelry. Well...actually this Color blocking is something that Vasso knows very well... I don't! hahaha

So lets start....

One of the most popular fashion trends in last years is color blocking. Color blocking trend is everywhere now, from red carpet events and fashion editorials to the street style and our favorite stores.

Choose the right color combinations and get the maximum effect. Be self-confident and never feel afraid to show off your style imagination and mood. However, do not overdo it, as I use to recommend almost in every trend report.

1.JoozieCotton 2.AliquidTextileJewels 3.FloraBeauty 4.goodrun

Moreover, although it seems to be easy combining different colors in our outfits, we have to keep in mind some tips:

1. Most of my reads about color blocking suggest us to follow the rule of the “color wheel”.
2. Use solid colours. You’re already bold with color blocking. Hoewever, if you like to add a pattern while colorblocking, try to keep this to the minimum.

1.Duck Earrings 2.Bracelet 3.Scarf

3. Try to play within the range of three colors in one outfit . The fourth one will look  too much.!
4. Be aware of tone! neons go well with neons, while pastels with pastel hues.

1.Dangle Earrings 2.Bracelet 3.Post Earrings 4.Bag 4.Garland

5. Accessorize... You do not want to wear clothing which is too bright? Wear just one or two accessories in colors that are striking.

6. Incorporate neutrals. Wear the classic white t-shirt with bold pants or a skirt  and a contrasting blazer!

Create amazing combinations and have a memorable weekend! Just do not forget our Giveaway! Finally  for more Friday night Outfit suggestions, just visit Estella's blog!


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