Fashion Trends - Yellow!!!!!

Hello my beloved friends!

It's time for our weekly Fashion Trends report! And this time our post is for yellow! Spring is here and soon Summer will be, so let's use more colorful clothes or accessories.  One of the most usual and at the same time trendy colors to wear is Yellow in every single shade! A beautiful color, very bright that can be wearied in many different styles!

A short yellow dress in 60's style is the perfect choice for our Friday night exodus! Combine it with black cute accessories and black patent leather shoes and you will be always in fashion! A petite and preppy style at the same time!

Yellow can be also combined successfully with beige...another color similar to yellow. Accessories in earth natural tones will give you a romantic outfit, perfect for your office, for a wedding or for a cocktail party!

Ok... I am mostly a casual girl, so the last outfit is... what else...jeans! I love them in any color. So why not in Yellow one? A multicolor bag will give you the advantage of having more colors in your appearance and at the same time the opportunity  to have more "hot" details in bright colors. Perfect for everyday Spring and Summer outfit! Just remember, try to avoid combine more than three colors in case you do not use any floral or any drawing cloth.

Goodbye for now and have a wonderful Yellow Friday!!!!

ps. For more Friday night Outfit suggestions, just visit Estella's blog!


  1. Great combinations! I love the yellow dress in the first one! So girly!

    Thanks for featuring my bow!

  2. Great combinations!!!
    I love that bag you matched my bracelet with!!!

  3. Great picks! That first yellow dress is so lovely!

  4. very befitting to spring! So young and lovely :)

  5. Love the first yellow dress! Beautiful boards.


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