Laura and Heather…our fairytale godmothers!!!!

Hello my beloved friends!

I am really happy and honored to welcome two very talented ladies I have met online. Two sisters, amazing ladies and employed mothers that love to create unique and uncommon accessories for ladies… from our first day on earth since our wedding and not only…!
I am really in love with their creations and I am sure that you will be also. Please let me introduce you and meet Laura and Heather from FeatherRiverBoutique !

Name: Laura Fox and Heather Baker
Occupation: We both work from home. Heather is a controller for a local energy company and Laura is a database admin for a homeschool magazine.
Hobbies: Heather loves to create new designs, sing, bake, and restore old furniture. Laura enjoys photography, singing, and playing the piano and we both enjoy outdoor activities with our families.

Feather River Boutique is a sister team. As kids, we were always coming up with new dress designs for our dolls. Now, with four girls between the two of us, we like to dress up and design accessories for our daughters, whom we regularly use as models.  We mainly design wedding/bridal accessories, hair accessories, and photography props. Heather is the main designer and Laura handles the product photography and customer service, but we each do a little bit of everything.

In addition to running the shop, we both work other jobs from home while caring for our young children. God has blessed us both greatly with wonderful husbands and three beautiful children each. It isn’t always easy running the shop, working, and taking care of our children and our homes, but it is rewarding. We have been privileged to work with some amazing photographers, moms, and brides-to-be. We are so excited to see what the future holds and to meet more amazing friends.

We've been crafting as long as I can remember. Our mom is very crafty and some of that wore off on us. We started the shop when our girl's had more hair accessories than outfits to match them. :) We wanted to share our designs with others and opening our shop seemed to be the best way to do that.

Inspiration comes from all different places. Often, it's a color palette we saw in a magazine or it's one of our daughter's new dresses. It might be an idea for a photo shoot that we need a prop for. It may be the latest wedding color trends. Our four girls have been a huge part of our inspiration. Each has her own little personality and sometimes our designs are created with them specifically in mind. Sometimes, it's a specific request from a customer that gets the creative juices flowing.

Our Favorite materials…… Lots of bling!  We love to use rhinestones and pearls. We use satin in many of our designs too. We also love feathers and lace.

Our favorite creation… Wow, that's a tough one. Sometimes I think I have a favorite and then we come up with something new. I think right now, one of my favorite design is our newborn pink linen bonnet. I love the textures of the linen with the ruffle and the little knots. I love the rich color. I love the versatility. It's perfect for a special occasion, everyday wear, or for photography sessions. But, I also love our bouquets and kind of wish I could get married all over again just so I could use one. ;)

Our hope is that every item we send out is just the right touch for a wedding, or a child's first portrait session, or the perfect gift for someone special. And one day, we would love to be featured in a mainstream bridal or children's magazine.

Aren’t they just adorable? It was a great honor and I feel truly happy I have met Laura and Heather!

You may contact them here:
Etsy shop:   FeatherRiverBoutique   
Facebook:  Feather River Boutique

Mats Mouts!!!!


  1. so beautiful post and so amazing creations! really cute!

    congratulations :)

  2. Gorgeous shop, amazing moms!!! Only the thought of what they do each day makes me want to take a nap! Kudos girls!!!

  3. Beautiful ideas! They all are very sweet!



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