Product Review: Jewelry Organizer Tree

Good Morning my friends!

 This week was a really messy one, since after my vacations I had to update our wardrobe with more light cloths perfect for Spring and Summer, so also wash and iron them and at the same time to "hide away" our warm cloths! Too many things to do! And at the same time I had to organize my drawers and my accessories! I am tired only thinking all of these house works. 

At least the part of the jewelry organizing was the easiest.... Why? Because I found  this amazing and magical tree! You should check it out! This is my first Product Review Post and I am really excited about!!!

It’s a beautiful tree from wood, a unique and very helpful jewelry organizer! 

 It has place for more than 52 pairs of earrings and other accessories and it is made  of natural and ecological material.  Jewelry Tree is an excellent jewelry organizer for storing and protecting all of our jewelry and keeping them easily accessible on our dresser or vanity. This means that we don’t have to pick up a desirable jewelry item from the pile of similar stuff anymore and we are not going to have any more disappeared accessories... especially the time we need them more!

 You need more information? Ok... so the tree stand has 12 branches with crafted leaves with 102 tiny holes and 12 sticks, that offer safe keeping for more than 52 pair of earrings, more than 12 rings and other accessories. It is available in two beautiful colors, natural and brown wood color. Soft wooden exterior protects our vulnerable jewelry from being scratched and damaged. The size of the tree is not huge in order to create a problem and at the same time is not small in order not to have space for our accessories.

Jewelry tree not only provides enough space and easy accessibility for a big jewelry collection but also serves as a beautiful decoration. A modern design that suits all kind of interiors. Place it in your bedroom near your mirror, or in the bathroom or even in your bookcase! It will add a beautiful note in your home decoration!

The tree is delivered in a creative package design, a  package suitable for post delivery, so it is strong and reliable and still meets the smallest sending requirements.

And last but not least... This is an extremely convenient product with tree - steps assembly.

Tomas and Jauku Design was really kind to offer a 10% discount for my friends! Just use the link below and add the coupon code!

And if you want to surprise a friend, your sister, your mom, your wife... if you wish it can be send gifts directly to the recipient. A personal note is included, as well as exclude a receipt.  Just order as normal and enter the lucky recipients information (shipping address and personal note) in the "Message to Seller" box when you check out.

Happy organizing!!!!! 


  1. ουαου! τι τελειο design! φοβρη ιδεα και υλικο! το αγαπησα :)


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