DIY - Sea Stone Bracelet

Happy New Week!!!

Monday is here and a wonderful weekend just passed! I hope your weekend was amazing also!

A new tutorial is here, an idea about handmade bracelet with sea stone! I have already showed you how to create a ring with a Sea stone and now we are going to create a beautiful bracelet.

What will you need….
A sea stone ( I found one blue already from a tile)
One Wood Bead
Color for Ceramics
Paint brush
Leather cord
Clear Tape
Dremel tool

How to create it…

First of all we have to create two holes in the stone. I used my dremel tool to do it!

Choose your color and put small pieces of Clear Tape in you rock in a way to create a beautiful geometric pattern. I wanted to create an asymmetrical line.

Paint your rock with your color of your taste between the tape.

Remove the tape and your pattern is ready! If you wish you can leave it for a while and then repeat the above steps with another color. In that way you will create a beautiful and colorful geometric pattern.

 I used only mustard yellow color and I painted the stone just in order to create a line and nothing more…very minimal!

Use the leather cord in your wholes and just make a knot on both sides.

Another knot at the end of the cord, while at the other side add the wooden bead and your bracelet is ready!

Use your imagination to create a beautiful jewel with more beads or colors or ribbons and cords. I just wanted to create for myself a minimal, bohemian bracelet, perfect for Summer and of course perfect for stacking it with other minimal bracelets!

Enjoy crafting!!!!

Just stay in touch with Ef Zin Creations blog for more tutorials… another one is coming for jewelry crafting! Happy new week!

       mats mouts
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  1. Αχου τι καλό! Thank you for the great tutorial!

  2. Love it!!! So fresh and easy to make! Let's go to the beach!

  3. That looks so nice! Great job!

  4. What a wonderful idea! It came out beautiful :o) I love the look of it too; very outdoorsy!

  5. now that is awesome!

    happy tuesday from your newest gfc follower! i found you on bloggy moms! come visit me at

    1. Thank you Andrea and welcome! I already followed you back!

  6. Lovely and a great idea!

  7. Reeeaaally adorable!! <3


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